(Des Moines, IA) For well over a dozen election cycles, Iowa Right to Life’s State PAC has evaluated the responses to our survey of candidates for state and federal offices on right to life related issues. It is a very serious undertaking and we strive for objectivity. We publish the results of our evaluations as a service to our membership.

Our criteria for evaluation includes not only responses to surveys, but news reports, interviews by us or others, voting history if an incumbent, consistency of the candidate within these aspects and an analysis of their legislative and political prospects in light of our legislative priorities.

The following candidates have been vetted based on these criterion.  We are confident they are solidly Pro-Life candidates that will best serve the interests of all Iowans, including the unborn.

Candidates Iowa Right to Life State PAC Believes Best Meet Evaluation Criteria:

Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Governor Terry Branstad

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds

U.S Senate

State Senator Joni Ernst

U.S. Representative District 1

Rod Blum

U.S. Representative District 3

David Young

U.S. Representative District 4

Congressman Steve King

Treasurer of State

Sam Clovis

Attorney General

Adam Gregg

State Senator

District 1:    Senator David Johnson

District 3:    Senator Bill Anderson

District 5:    Tim Kraayenbrink

District 7:    Senator Rick Bertrand

District 9:    Jason Schultz

District 13:  Senator Julian Garrett

District 15:  Crystal Bruntz

District 19:  Senator Jack Whitver

District 23:  Jeremy Davis

District 25:  Senator Bill Dix

District 27:  Shawn Dietz

District 29:  James Budde

District 39:  Michael Moore

District 41:  Senator Mark Chelgren

District 47:  Senator Roby Smith
State Representative

District 1:    John Wills

District 2:    Rep. Megan Hess

District 3:    Rep. Daniel Huseman

District 4:    Rep. Dwayne Alons

District 5:    Rep. Chuck Soderberg

District 6:    Rep. Ron Jorgensen

District 7:    Rep. Tedd Gassman

District 10:  Mike Sexton

District 12:  Brian Best

District 15:  John Blue

District 16:  Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa

District 17:  Rep. Matt Windschitl

District 18:  Steven Holt

District 19:  Rep. Ralph Watts

District 20:  Rep. Clel Baudler

District 21:  Rep. Jack Drake

District 22:  Rep. Greg Forristall

District 23:  Rep. Mark Costello

District 24:  Rep. Cecil Dolecheck

District 25:  Rep. Stan Gustafson

District 26:  James Butler

District 27:  Rep. Joel Fry

District 28:  Rep. Greg Heartsill

District 29:  Patrick Payton

District 30:  Zach Nunn

District 37: Rep. John Landon

District 38:  Rep. Kevin Koester

District 39:  Rep. Jake Highfill

District 43:  Rep. Chris Hagenow

District 47:  Rep. Chip Baltimore

District 54:  Rep. Linda Upmeyer

District 55:  Darrel Branhagen

District 57:  Ryan Kilburg

District 60:  Rep. Walt Rogers

District 63:  Rep. Sandy Salmon

District 64:  Craig Johnson

District 67:  Rep. Kraig Paulsen

District 68:  Ken Rizer

District 71:  Jane Jech

District 72:  Rep. Dean Fisher

District 75:  Rep. Dawn Pettengill

District 79:  Rep. Guy Vander Linden

District 80:  Rep. Larry Sheets

District 82:  Jeff Shipley

District 84:  Rep. David Heaton

District 92:  Ross Paustian

District 94:  Rep. Linda Miller

District 95:  Rep. Quentin Stanerson

District 96:  Rep. Lee Hein

District 97:  Norlin Mommsen

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