PreacherPICLg2There are all sorts of religious teachers on cable TV and the internet. ¬†They may speak some truth, but because they do not tell the whole truth ‚Äď their total message is false. ¬†The curve for prophets in the Bible is steep where 99% is an F.

Jesus does not encourage heresy hunting, and He condemned judgmental attitudes.  But false teachers must be recognized and we must not be taken in.

In our culture pluralism is popular. ¬†Although everyone may have the right to his or her ¬†own ¬†opinion, ¬†it ¬†does ¬†not ¬†follow that ¬†every ¬†opinion ¬†is ¬†right. ¬†¬†It ¬†may ¬†seem intolerant to speak of ‚Äúfalse‚ÄĚ prophets, yet this is what Jesus calls them. The kingdom of God is the issue. ¬†If we fail to heed Jesus‚Äô warning means that the threat of judgment that loom over the heads of false teachers becomes a threat to others as well.

This is Shane Vander Hart with your Caffeinated Thought of the Day.

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