Spiritual discipline, like weight training, is hard work. It is work we can't do by ourselves however. Photo source: U.S. Navy (Public Domain)
Spiritual discipline, like weightlifting, is hard work.
It is work we can’t do by ourselves however.
Photo source: U.S. Navy (Public Domain)

A.W. Pink wrote in his classic book, Spiritual Discipline:

Divine assistance is imperative if we are to meet the Divine requirements. We need Divine mercy to pardon and cleanse, power to subdue our raging lusts, quickening to animate our feeble graces, light on our path that we may avoid the snares of Satan, wisdom from above for the solving of our varied problems. Only God Himself can relieve our distresses and supply all our need. His assistance, then, is to be sought: sought prayerfully, believingly, diligently and expectantly; and if it be thus sought, it will not be sought in vain.

It is amazing how often we approach spiritual discipline as though we can accomplish it on our own power.  No we need to approach spiritual growth on bended knee asking for God’s assistance through His Holy Spirit.  Sanctification does not come through our own efforts, but by the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

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