Rick Perry at 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Spring Event.
Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Prezography.com
Rick Perry at 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Spring Event.Photo credit: Dave Davidson - Prezography.com
Rick Perry at 2015 Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Spring Event.
Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Prezography.com

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential campaign this morning announced the names of those serving on his Iowa team as he headed to participate in his Ride with Rick that headed to from Perry, Iowa to Joni Ernst’s Roast and Ride outside of Boone, Iowa.

It is evident by the size of his staff in Iowa that he intends to put together a significant ground game.

Sam Clovis will serve as Iowa Statewide Chairman. Sam Clovis is a professor of economics at Morningside College and the director of the Col. Bud Day Center for Civic engagement.  He holds a doctorate in public administration and an MBA in management and a BS in political science from the United States Air Force Academy.  He served 25 years in the Air Force as a fighter pilot.  He is also an expert on Russia and the Middle East.  Sam was also a successful executive with numerous private sector companies before entering academia.  He is one of the most popular republican activists in Iowa.

“I measure all men I meet by my father and all politicians by Ronald Reagan. Gov. Rick Perry gets my highest marks in both areas. His executive experience as governor of Texas and service to our country in the Air Force make him the most prepared candidate to be our next Commander-In-Chief. As a fellow Air Force veteran, I would fly his wing through the gates of Hell,” Clovis said.

Robert Haus will serve as Iowa Senior Strategist. Haus served as co-chairman of Gov. Perry’s 2012 Iowa campaign. He has helped guide the Iowa presidential caucus campaigns for Steve Forbes, Fred Thompson, and Phil Gramm. He has also led several statewide and congressional races in Iowa. Bob Haus is originally from New Hampton, IA, and is a graduate of Iowa State University and the University of Iowa School of Law.

Jamie Johnson will serve as a Senior Director. Johnson will be working with conservative leaders in Iowa, South Carolina, and New Hampshire. He has spent three decades working in local, state, and federal politics across the United States. He worked on Rick Santorum’s 2012 campaign, was the vice president of the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition, the director of outreach for Iowa Right to Life, and has served on the board of governors of the Council for National Policy, the nation’s preeminent network of conservative leaders, policy experts, and media professionals. Johnson is an ordained Anglican minister.

Sheila Murphy will serve as an Iowa Consultant focusing on coalition building. Murphy is a longtime GOP activist in Iowa and Nebraska. She served as campaign manager for Brenna Findley for Attorney General campaign in 2010 and political director of Rod Robert’s 2010 governor’s campaign.

Andy Swanson will serve as Iowa State Director. An Iowa native, Swanson has a vast amount of experience in Iowa, having worked on two previous presidential campaigns and several statewide efforts. Swanson is originally from Dayton and graduated from the University of Iowa.

Dane Nealson will serve as Eastern Iowa Political Director. Nealson is a native of West Liberty and has more than a decade of campaign experience. He worked for Gov. Perry in 2012 and was State Director of the Iowa GOP Senate Majority Fund in 2014. Nealson is also the former Chairman of the Story County GOP. He holds a degree in Political Science from Iowa State University.

Kip Murphy will serve as Western Iowa Political Director. Murphy is a veteran grassroots activist, having worked in the field for several congressional and statewide candidates. Murphy is also the former Chairman of the Harrison County GOP. He holds a degree in History and International Affairs from the University of Nebraska.

Quentin Marquez will serve as an Iowa Field Director. Martinez is a recent graduate from the University of Iowa. He worked with Americans for Prosperity in 2014, and held executive positions with the University of Iowa College Republicans and Iowa Federation of College Republicans.

Christina Bettini will serve as an Iowa Field Director. Bettini worked with the Iowa House Majority Fund in 2014 and legislative clerk in the Iowa State House.

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