New Jersey Governor Chris Christie greets supporters in Johnston, Iowa.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie greets supporters in Johnston, Iowa.

(Johnston, IA) New Jersey Governor Chris Christie rallied approximately 60 supporters outside his campaign’s Iowa headquarters in Johnston, IA. Calling this a “send off rally” the supporters sent Christie off for one last swing through the state that included 13 events leading up to the Iowa Caucuses on February 1.

Christie discussed the Fox News/Google GOP Presidential debate held in Des Moines on Thursday evening.

“Our message is really simple. You saw a lot of talk last night on the stage. You have some people who like to talk and you have some people who like to do. You have some people who are trained to do nothing but talk and some people whose life experience has been accomplishment, getting things done, being held accountable for what you do,” Christie said.

“It’s not just some of the other adversaries I have on that stage. But the most important thing is Hillary Clinton. We can not take our eye off the ball and so last night I kept trying to bring us back to that point which is you know it’s fine if Marco Rubio has changed his position on immigration. I just wish he’d admit it. It’s fine if Ted Cruz has changed his position on immigration. Admit it, but those changes, those differences, are minor compared to the differences we have with Hillary Clinton. So let’s not give her that opportunity,” he added.

Christie acknowledged some of the changes he has made on gun control.

“What people want is someone who is going to be honest with them,” Christie said. “And here’s what they know about me. When a crisis comes I know how to handle it. When a crisis comes I know how to make decisions and make decisions that help to save lives. When you’re President of the United States that is the thing that you can’t put on a resume. There’s not a how-to book, you have just got to be able to do it because you’ve done it, you’ve been through it.”

He said he won’t be trying out the chair in the Oval Office if elected President, he said it will feel familiar because of his experience as Governor.

Watch his entire remarks:

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