Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Democrat's Jefferson Jackson Dinner on 10/24/15. Photo credit: Dave Davidson (
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Iowa Democrat’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner on 10/24/15.
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (

Has Hillary Clinton engaged in a protection racket?

The common definition of RACKETEERING ACTIVITY is any act or threat involving bribery or extortion, (among other things) which is chargeable under various state and federal laws.

If you’re the United States Secretary of State, planning on running for President of the United States and are traveling around the world on the taxpayer’s dime, it would behoove you to avoid any appearance of an impropriety.  Unless you’re Hillary Clinton, that is, then you think the law is for little people.

Are we to believe that during and immediately following her tenure as Secretary of State that her and her family’s charity, and her husband Bill’s speaking fees, which brought in roughly two billion dollars in donations worldwide, was not a Racketeering Activity? That kind of money does not change hands unless there is a quid-pro-quo, demanded, implied, or expected. It doesn’t take the greatest legal minds in the world to figure this crime out; any street cop can do it.

If she loses the election in the fall, the “donors” to her charity can understand that. But if she withdraws during the primary, I’m afraid that there may not be enough Secret Service agents in the country to keep her and Bill alive from those that think they were fleeced.

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