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I’ve been asked several times whether or not I would vote for real estate magnate Donald Trump should he win the Republican nomination.

Out of Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump, Trump is the candidate I would have the most difficulty voting for in a general election. I never want to say never as a mitigating circumstance could compel me to change my mind, but it is highly unlikely that Mr. Trump will get my vote this November should he be the Republican nominee for President. That would mark the first time I have not voted for the Republican nominee since my first Presidential election in 1992.

Some may say, but do you want to see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders win? That would be an unequivocal no. I see precious little difference between Hillary and Trump. If Bernie Sanders was the Democrat nominee it would be a Democratic socialist vs. an autocratic nationalist – oh goody.  Option C anyone?

So why not? Here are some reasons:

  • Trump has been all over the map on the life issue. He consistently defends Planned Parenthood. This is the no-brainer issue. He has recently said he would defund Planned Parenthood, he also said he was in favor of late-term abortion and now he says he is not, but I just don’t believe him at this point.
  • His ties to the mob which you can read about here, here, here, here, and here. I’d prefer to vote for a candidate who does not have those sorts of associations thank you very much.
  • He is a serial adulterer. If his wife (or in Trump’s case – wives – both ex and current) can’t trust him to keep his marital promises, how can I trust him to keep his campaign promises? Look, I am not looking for someone who is perfect. This man has admitted that he has never asked God for forgiveness so there has been no repentance. Which means he lacks character and there is no humilty.
  • Speaking of humility, the next President needs to be confident, but humility is essential and Trump doesn’t appear to have any. That gravely concerns me.
  • I don’t believe he has the temperament needed for the White House.
  • His conduct around and comments toward women have been absolutely shameful.
  • He has a track records as a bully toward people who oppose him. Right now he threatens frivolous lawsuits, but can you imagine if he were President? That would bring a whole new meaning to the “bully pulpit.”

I could go on and on. There is nothing in his record that has me convinced he’s nothing more than a liberal Democrat masquerading as a Republican and an unstable one at that. So my vote for a 3rd party would be an act of protest.

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