On January 14th, 2020, the Democratic Party held its final presidential debate at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Some of the candidates for the DNC primaries spoke of “bringing people together” in their closing remarks.

This broaches the question of unity, both within the Democratic Party and in the federal government in general.

There are numerous points of division among the candidates. Still, they ostensibly agree on one thing: Trump is the most “dangerous” president in history and needs to be defeated before he does irreversible damage to the country.

But that’s the point of unity we see in the brochure, not in the actual product. The truth is, Donald Trump is the most dangerous president in history—dangerous to the agenda of the Democratic Party. But he is not harmful to the country itself, the Democrats’ pretense in the matter notwithstanding.

So much for the brochure.

At the end of the day, the Democrats are divided on specific policy details but unified in their fundamental(ist) ideology. Bernie wants Medicare for all; Pete wants Medicare for all who want it. They disagree to a certain degree on foreign policy. Never mind that they are confused between their obsession to oppose the president at all costs on the one hand, and their unspoken recognition that they agree with him in certain areas on the other. Their lack of consistency with the details, however, should not prevent us from seeing the deeper unity in terms of their ideology.

The core properties of the ideology propelling the delusional Democratic Party can be generally broken down into two main categories:

  1. Marxism
  2. Totalitarianism

The two categories above overlap, to be sure. But even though not all of the left-leaning candidates openly articulate Marxist “philosophy,” it remains the bedrock of their ideology nonetheless. The single possible exception to this is Joe Biden. But he doesn’t have an ideology to begin with, being rather detached and content to float around the political atmosphere blissfully unaware of what’s going on. All he knows for sure is that he was the undisputed pioneer of whatever the most popular current left-wing policy agendas may be talked about at any given moment. And if he wasn’t, he clearly changed his mind and got on board after the fact, once he realized that what he pioneered wasn’t the “right” agenda. He’s the only human being on the planet whose cake remains a constant size no matter how much of it he eats.

Just as Marxism remains a constant theme throughout the jungle of the Democrat talking points, there is an implicit assumption no one ever admits is there: it is their job to manipulate the economy through the coercive power of government to achieve “equality” and an economy “that works for everyone, not just the super-rich.” Despite all their bloviating on how they supposedly want to honor the Constitution (and how Trump allegedly tramples it regularly), that document contains precisely zero directives authorizing the federal government to tamper with economic activity. This does not stop them from sincerely believing it is the job of the president of the United States to have absolute control over the economy, even though they will never actually come out and say it. But their whole narrative from beginning to end is dripping with this overriding principle. The government has to: fix the healthcare crisis in this country (that it created in the first place), see to it that everyone has “access” to healthcare (because it’s their “right”), address the doomsday hoax of climate change (to save the world through socio-economic force), make employers offer paid maternity leave whether they can afford it or not (i.e., exercise blatant tyranny), protect fragile cowards among the general population from “hate speech” (thus mutilating the 1st Amendment beyond repair), put an end to gun violence by mutilating the 2nd Amendment beyond repair, and so on.

And make no mistake: according to the Democrat left, only the government can accomplish these objectives. The same government that gave us the insulting jokes called affirmative action, the U.S. Postal Service, and the DMV. We must put our unconditional trust in our dysfunctional government (because we all know how trustworthy politicians are), and treat the corrupt and greedy free market with unrelenting suspicion and contempt.

The idea that the government must take over all aspects of our lives, from economic activity to what we can and can’t say, from how much energy we consume to how we obtain medical care, as I stated above, is full-bore totalitarianism. Although Bernie Sanders is pretty much the only candidate on the left side of the aisle who is honest enough to admit it, they are all socialists. Trump has vowed never to allow this free republic to become a totalitarian socialist dictatorship. We had better pray he gets re-elected.

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