Harry Foster is running unopposed for the Republican nomination in Iowa House District 65 which includes the eastern half of Cedar Rapids. The seat is currently filled by State Representative Liz Bennett (D-Cedar Rapids) who is running for re-election.

Harry Foster was born in Marengo Iowa.  After high school he joined the United States Marine Corps.

Foster attended Kirkwood College and received a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. For five years Harry owned MidAmerica Monitor Company manufacturing gas and smoke detectors for home and industry. 

Foster’s stayed active in the reserve system, his third deployment was with the 561st Readiness Support Group where he served as Deputy Mayor for Camp Victory Iraq. Foster worked with private contractors and multi-national forces to provide safe housing and base facilities for 20,000 personnel in the war zone.

Foster is married with seven children active in his church and works in private Facilities Management maintaining 27 buildings in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.

Foster completed a questionnaire that Caffeinated Thoughts sent:

Why do you want to serve as a state legislator?  

I feel I can do a better job than the current legislator from HD65, She ran unopposed in her last election.

Describe your worldview and what role that would play as a state legislator:

I am politically conservative and would work to reduce taxes and restore personal accountability.

Your top three issues of concern are?

Promoting constitutional principles, limit government and uphold traditional values.

What is your position on education, in particular Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, Iowa Core and high stakes testing?

I am not supportive of these programs, I feel there are ways to insure children receive a thorough and uniform education nationally, with local schools determining the curriculum, content and budget. 

How do you define local control in education?

Local school boards controlling the budget, and curriculum for the schools in their district.

When does someone become a person and at what point should they be granted all constitutional protections of a person under the law?

Life begins at conception, constitutional rights are based on the nationality of their parents.

Do you support recently passed legislation in the Iowa House allowing kids under 14 to use handguns with parental supervision:


Do you support Constitutional carry and the Second Amendment:


Do you support raising any taxes.  And, have you supported raising any taxes in the past? If so, which ones?


What will you do as a state legislator to lessen the tax burden on farmers and small businesses?

Reduce spending.

Do you support traditional marriage and is there anything you hope to do as a state legislator regarding marriage and how?

I will advocate for traditional marriage and promote legislation supporting and returning to traditional values.

What is your position on Christians refusing service at same-sex weddings?

I believe a private business should be able to refuse service to anyone they wish.

What will you do as legislator, if anything, to strengthen religious liberty?

Work to defeat any legislation which reduces our liberties.

Do you support allowing Syrian refugees into Iowa?

Yes if they are properly vetted and compliant with our laws and regulations.

Would you support a bill supporting Personhood?


Do you also support bills that bring incremental change on the life issue?


Should taxpayer money pay for Planned Parenthood?


In what circumstances would you go against the leadership of your own caucus if elected?

If they were (pushing an agenda) contrary to traditional values or a majority of my constituents lobbied for an alternative.

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  1. I’ve known Harry Foster for alot of years. I’ve worked with his children. If I lived in his district, I’d vote for him. Really nice guy, family comes first, and down to earth. What you see is the real him! Good luck with the election!

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