Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Burlington, Iowa. (Photo credit: Dave Davidson -
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Burlington, Iowa.
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Burlington, Iowa. (Photo credit: Dave Davidson -
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Burlington, Iowa.
Photo credit: Dave Davidson (

Donald Trump has won the New York Primary. This is not a surprise, Trump was expected to win his home state. Ninety-five delegates are up for grabs.

As of this writing 96% of the precincts have reported in:

  1. Donald Trump – 60% (479,406) 89 delegates
  2. John Kasich – 25.2% (201,340) 3 delegates
  3. Ted Cruz – 14.8% (117,969)

I had thought Cruz would have performed better in Western New York and Upstate New York, so that was disappointing. The two contests to watch moving forward is the Indiana Primary and the California primary as they will likely be the most competitive.

Six observations about the New York Primary:

1. More Republicans voted in Wisconsin than voted in New York.

1,101,123 people voted in the Wisconsin Republican Primary. Currently (this will go a little higher, but won’t surpass Wisconsin) 798,715 people have voted in New York’s Republican Primary.

Can somebody explain to me why New York is given 95 delegates and Wisconsin is only given 42? This should be based on actually number of Republicans participating in the primary, not the population of the state which brings me to my next point.

2. Trump winning New York in the general election is unlikely.

Should Donald Trump win the nomination there is absolutely no way he can carry his own state, but states like Utah and Mississippi are at risk. Tonight 798,715 people voted in the Republican primary. 1,714,851 people voted in the Democrat primary almost one million more people.

3. Cruz in Texas vs. Trump in New York

Cruz’s win in Texas was far more impressive than Trump’s win in New York. Trump had 480,392 Republicans vote for him in the New York Primary. Cruz had 1,239,370 people vote for him in Texas and this with additional candidates. Cruz also received 104 delegates to Trump’s 89 delegates.

4. Are the New York rules unfair?

Lets see… Trump wins 60% of the vote and receives almost 94% of the delegates. I’m not really complaining, but Trump shouldn’t complain when he loses delegates in states that allocate them through the convention process either.

5. Trump still lost to Cruz in terms of numbers of delegates in April.

It looks like Trump will receive 89 delegates. Cruz has won 102 delegates in April. His win in New York was expected, being shut out in delegates in the previous five contests was not.

6. No honor in his own hometown.

Currently Kasich leads Trump in Manhattan – where Trump lives.

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