U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley speaking at the Iowa Republican Party's 2015 Lincoln Dinner. Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0)
U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley speaking at the Iowa Republican Party’s 2015 Lincoln Dinner.
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore (CC-By-SA 2.0)

(Des Moines, IA) Grassley Works, the reelection campaign for U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), today will begin airing its first 60-second television ad titled “Works.” The ad accompanies the 30-second spot that began airing on Friday, May 27, and showcases Grassley’s bipartisan work as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. 


“Works” :60

Last year, Iowa’s Chuck Grassley was chosen to be Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Under his leadership, the committee has reported out legislation that helps:

  • Hold state sponsors of terrorism accountable.
  • Promote adoption.
  • Safeguard our children from sexual predators. 
  • Protect American jobs and our workers.
  • Fight human trafficking.
  • Provide bulletproof vests for law enforcement.
  • Fight the heroin epidemic.
  • Keep our government open and transparent.
  • And modernize our criminal justice laws.
  • Twenty-six bills reported out of his committee.

Seventeen passed by the Senate.

Nine already signed into law.

Each and every one with bi-partisan support.

In fact, a Georgetown study found Chuck Grassley was one of the Top five Senators working across party lines to get things done.

Grassley, Works.

For Iowa. 

I’m Chuck Grassley and I approve this message.

Bills & Legislation: 

  • S.1599, Criminal Antitrust Anti-Retaliation Act of 2015 
  • S.1482, Need-Based Educational Aid Act of 2015 
  • S. 32,   Transnational Drug Trafficking Act of 2015, 
  • S. 2040,  Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism of 2016
  • S. 166,  Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act of 2015 
  • S.2840, POLICE Act of 2016
  • S.1300,  Adoptive Family Relief Act of 2015 
  • S.2348,  Rapid DNA Act of 2015
  • S. 2613,  Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act of 2016
  • S. 665, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu National Blue Alert Act of 2015
  • S. 2390,  Federal Bureau of Investigation Whistleblower Enhancement Act of 2016
  • S. 1890, Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016
  • S.1137,  Protecting American Talent and Entrepreneurship (PATENT) Act of 2015
  • S. 993, Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act of 2015
  • S. 483, Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016
  • S. 178,  Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act of 2015
  • S. 295    Amy and Vicky Child Pornography Victim Restitution Improvement Act of 2015
  • S. 125,  Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program Reauthorization Act of 2015
  • S.2577, Justice for All Reauthorization Act of 2016
  • S.1169, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Reauthorization Act of 2015 
  • H.R. 1428, Judicial Redress Act of 2015
  • S. 524,  Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016
  • S. 337,  FOIA Improvement Act of 2015
  • S. 2614, Kevin and Avonte’s Law 
  • S. 1318,  Nuclear Terrorism Conventions Implementation and Safety of Maritime Navigation Act of 2015 
  • S. 2123,  Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015
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  1. Unfortunately, under Senator Grassley, the Judiciary Committee has the lowest rate of confirming federal judges in the history of the Senate. When Democrats controlled the Committee and Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were in office the rate was up to four times the amount of Senator Grassley’s tenure. Senator Grassley’s leadership has been an abject failure for this — the most important committee in securing the Sixth Amendment’s promise that a defendant has ‘the right to a swift and impartial trial’. ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’ said the Supreme Court. Senator Grassley is responsible for denying justice to defendants and plaintiffs across the country on an unprecedented scale.

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