During this election cycle I have heard people comment about the age of one of the candidates running for the District 4 House seat.  In every profession there needs to be a starting point.  Locally we have people in their 20’s volunteering on our fire departments and EMS.  We gladly accept their help in time of need.  In our school systems, there are teachers fresh out of college given the opportunity to instruct our children.  In the medical field, do you question the age of the nurse who is taking care of you?  Let’s not forget the many young entrepreneurs who have started up businesses in our communities creating jobs and having an economic impact in our area.

Skyler Wheeler, may be young, but it is time we entrust the younger generation the opportunity to lead and represent conservative values.  I find it refreshing that Skyler, at his age, has this deep of a conviction and is willing to run and represent our family values.

He is very knowledgeable.  He has put in the time visiting with the residents of Sioux County, and he is listening to what we have to say.  I will be supporting Skyler Wheeler on June 7th.  I look forward to Skyler representing us in Des Moines and his working to build a better Iowa for our children.

Chad Van’t Hul
Rock Valley, IA

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