Tuesday night’s (4/26) candidate forum in Rock Valley regarding the House District 4 candidates was very telling. One candidate stood above the rest in my opinion and that was Skyler Wheeler.

Skyler had outstanding command and knowledge on the issues and his passion showed through in his answers. He made a strong case for Stand Your Ground legislation even though his opponents questioned the need for it. Both of his opponents mentioned Rep. Matt Windschitl as someone who suggested there was no need for Stand Your Ground, yet Windschitl introduced and sponsored Stand Your Ground legislation in 2013.

Another of his opponents said about marriage and the Supreme Court decision “that battle sadly and unfortunately has been lost.”

Skyler responded appropriately. He said marriage is not lost and wondered what would’ve happened if William Wilberforce took that same approach to slavery. He correctly noted the Supreme Court does not make law.

Skyler was the only candidate to speak out against Common Core standards in education and is right on that issue as well.

There were a variety of issues discussed. And the candidate with the best answers and most knowledge on the issues as a whole was Skyler.

I look forward to casting my ballot on June 7 for Skyler Wheeler for Iowa House District 4.

Teresa Van Otterloo
Rock Valley, IA

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