Last month Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, was part of a panel discussion during a Baptist21 event and he was asked about the election, what were first, second and third tier issues, and if evangelicals have always voted for the candidate that says they are pro-life and appoint conservative Supreme Court justices.

No, no, that is not what we have always done. What we have always done is vote in a fallen world for fallen candidates in a fallen political construct and done the best we could….

…. Yes I think the life issue is paramount, not stand alone, but is paramount. It is single issue dispositive to use the language of political science. I could not vote for someone that I believe would do any action that would expand the murder of the unborn or the assault upon the human dignity and sanctity of a single human life – period. So I go into the voting booth saying I can not vote for a candidate. That’s not enough. There is a difference between being single-issue dispositive and single-issue sufficient. Those are two separate things. Character is an indispensable issue.

The first time I met Bill Clinton was hours after I had been on the O’Reilly Factor calling on him to resign, and that was a quintessential awkward moment, but I was right in terms of the issues. But I could not possibly be consistent and somehow vote for someone whose character I believe eclipses Bill Clinton on so many of those very same concerns. Someone who has bragged about his adulterous affairs, someone who has given himself to the pornographic industry, basically to a form of the sex trade, and let’s just go on. In other words, I can’t being single-issue dispositive does not give an adequate political grid for when you go out. Because character is pretty much and also how prolife someone supposedly is after being so pro-abortion that they actually supported partial birth abortion.

So I find myself in a situation I never envisioned in my life as a Christian or as an American, but I am going to have to be Christian in order to be a faithful American. So I am going to find myself unable to vote for either of those two choices of our two major political parties.

Dr. Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, concurred.

Yes, I will be writing in a candidate this year and the reason for that is simple. The life issue can not flourish in a culture of misogyny and sexual degradation. The life issue can not flourish when you have people calling for the torture and murder of innocent non-combatants. The life issue can not flourish when you have people who have given up on the idea that character matters. If you lose an election you can live to fight another day and move on, but if you lose an election while giving up your very soul then you have really lost it all, and so I think the stakes are really high.

And I think the issue, particularly, when you have people who have said, and we have said, and I have said for twenty years the life issue matters, and the life issue is important… When you have someone who is standing up race baiting, racist speech, using immigrants and others in our communities in the most horrific ways and we say ‘that doesn’t matter’ and we are part of the global body of Christ simply for the sake of American politics, and we expect that we are going to be able to reach the nations for Christ? I don’t think so, and so I think we need to let our yes be yes and our no be no and our never be never.

Here is the video:

HT: Michael Ryan

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  1. unless you have had members of your family killed by the germans and their village wiped off the earth then you can,t understand If you are supporting killing babies. May The blood of the unborn be on you.

      1. Shane, I think what Mr. Martin attempted to convey was, if we don’t support Trump, we will, in all probability elect someone (Hillary) who supports the murdering of babies in their mothers’ wombs, as well as destroy our country by increasing illegal immigration. I’m not a Trump supporter, however, a Hillary Clinton country would be worse. Therefore, I’m praying for a miracle, and I trust God for He is our country’s only hope.

  2. I find myself in the same boat. It bothers me to sense that so many of my Christian brothers and sisters have this view that we should overlook DJT’s virtues because we really need someone who can fight dirty because that is how the ‘other side’ fights.
    I guess I am too altruistic then.
    My thoughts go to David declining Saul’s offer of his personal armor to fight Goliath. And also, in another event, David’s having to choose God’s form of punishment because of David’s decision to have a national census (David looking to man instead of God). David allowed the nation to be in God’s hands rather than in the hands of man (1 Chronicles 21:13).
    To vote with a view that all is lost unless DJT is elected is akin to winning the battle but losing the war.
    My wife and I are considering writing in a name this election. At this point we can not vote for either of the candidates.

    1. Maybe it’s not a matter of someone’s virtues but which candidate (party) will adhere most closely to God’s command not to kill, and other moral issues. We must remember that this election more than anything is going to set the Supreme Court for our children and grandchildren. Do we leave them with freedom to worship and the right to live their life not having to choose between someone else’s morals or putting food on their table.

    2. So I think we should all write in the same candidate!!!! Because more than likely we will agree on who that would be.

  3. My struggle with all of this is that we are not electing a religious leader. We make choices to support the ungodly every day… we choose which car manufacturer we will support when we buy a car (Is there a Christian car manufacturer?); which grocery company we will support (is there a Christian grocery chain?); which fast food chain we will support and the list goes on and on. If it is a truth then we must be able to apply that truth across the board. Anyone choosing to not vote for Trump based upon this thought process is being hypocritical unless they are standing strong in not supporting anyone or any organization that is not expressly Christian and promotes or supports any evil in this world. At this point, there are only two possible outcomes for the election of president of the United States of America. The real question is which president’s platform will most likely keep the door open for the spreading of the Gospel. Which candidate will make decisions to protect Israel and the persecuted church world wide.

    1. Thanks. I agree with your comments. These 2 leaders need to open their eyes to the truth. A write in candidate is akin to a vote for Hillary.

    2. Exactly what I wrote on another website! We deal with non Christian businesses, people, etc everyday and never ask nor complain. Now that it’s extremely important, we get on our high horse and become ultra religious. I’m voting Trump because the obvious mistake is a vote or non vote that puts Hillary in the highest office of the land.

      1. Voting your conscience is not getting on “your high horse.” It is obedience.

        BTW, voting your conscience can also mean voting for Trump…. I think it is sad how this expression has somehow become a microagression to Trump supporters.

    3. A prayer was given in our church this morning that God send the Holy Spirit to our spiritual & political leaders to lead our nation back to the Christian Country we once were. That mean God could comes into the lives of our presidential candidates & they could become followers of Christ. Shouldn’t we as Christians be praying this will happen. I will vote on election & pray that God will intervene.

      1. God has in history past and will in history present and to come……intervene through human subjects…….not to negate prayer…..above all, pray…..but also realize that people are the subject through whom God’s will is done.

  4. A refusal to vote is a vote. I’m a born again Christian. I dont refuse to live next door to a non Christian. I don’t check the salvation status of the car dealer before I purchase. In fact, none of us check the Christianity of a lot of daily actions. I see what Hillary is and the socialist, marxist, communist sentiments of her campaign and know that a vote for her or a non vote is a death blow to any future we may have. Donald Trump has much more in common with my Christian values than Hillary and will get my vote. He has some common sense views that I relate to. Obama also said he was a Christian but what does he really look like… The president needs to be president and has to govern all the people which includes non Christians. It isn’t the office of President that Jesus gave the commission to spread the gospel, it’s the church. We should vote for the one that can keep us safe, keep us working, tax us less, smaller government and that frees us to talk about our faith to others. Communism, marxism, socialism are anti religious. The only way they know to make all inclusive is to rid us of God. This is a serious election. Our religious leaders are being blind. Still voting Trump here.

    1. Pat has it right. But I have to say that many Christian leaders and Christians are ignorant hypocrites. People don’t vet every leader of the businesses they shop everyday. We don’t boycott the local mom and pop because the owner is gay. Probably because we have no clue if they are. We are compairing Trump to a pastor and saying that he is not “Christian enough” because of his comments or actions. Excuse me, who put us in charge of his moral compas and therefore judgement? Do we spend everyday with him? Do we know him personally? All we know about him is what the media tells us. Why is it that every person who knows him personally says he is a great man but people watch TV and conclude he is the worst sinner on earth? Our brain has been hacked by the social liberals. We need a leader of people, not a profit. If we think that Trump somehow could do more damage than God is able to control, then we are in trouble as Christians. You guys can vote your “conscience” and put your faith blindly in a human which will get Killary elected. That’s your right. I will vote for the best businessman who ever ran for the Presidency and put my faith in God, not a man.

      1. Character doesn’t just count for pastors. People keep saying that. I don’t expect Trump to be able to quote or exegete scripture – that would be expecting the president to act like a pastor.

        I want my car mechanic to have good character so he doesn’t rip me off. I want my doctor to have humility to recognize and admit if something is beyond him so he will make a referral. Our president needs to be trustworthy. You only look for this in a pastor? Craziness.

      2. Brad, let’s hear from someone who knows Donald Trump and his family personally since neither of us does. Sure, his camp can parade a lot of people on stage to praise him, but his own words and treatment of others demonstrate that he is not fit to represent all Americans, maybe even most Americans. In a moral conundrum of choosing between two evils, choose neither.
        “Would you lie to the government or push a woman into oncoming traffic if you had no choice?”

    1. I like Wayne Grudem. I don’t think he’s making a new argument though.

      If his conscience is telling him to vote for Donald Trump then he should do it. If mine is telling me not to, and it is, I should obey that. We all should vote our individual consciences, and stop trying to pressure or guilt people into violating theirs.

      Personally I’d appreciate it if pastors, theologians and Christian leaders feel like they must vote for Trump they would just do it without trying to make “a moral case” for it. I think you can make a pragmatic argument that is amoral, but that’s about it.

      1. Don’t let the presidential ballot be a diversion from the primary focus of voting in new principled Congressional leadership.

  5. There is something no one seems to address:

    What if our votes do not even count?

    I am not talking about our outdated electoral college. I am referring to the court cases after 2012 elections with very compelling evidence and witnesses that the election was rigged. The voting machines were rigged and the entire thing was illegal.

    1. I have also thought about this… literally sick to my stomach that our country has sunk so far, BUT I am still voting Trump.

      1. Here’s a P.S. This is also an issue for prayer…… Corruption in the election process: “we wrestle not with flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers……etc”…….Things like this CAN be averted through the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man.

  6. If the first century Christians had the right to vote, would they have voted for Nero? We do have the right to vote and we should exercise it as long as we have it to support that which us less likely to lead to anti-Christian laws and policies. Many Christians refused to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. The result, another term for Obama. How has that worked out? A non-vote is a vote for Clinton, for abortion, for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits use of Federal funds for abortion, and many other sordid policies and Leftist practices. Trump was not my first choice but he is a better choice that Clinton.

  7. It is stunning to me how a man who just last year would have been considered one of the most dishonest men in America can in one year be taken at face value by soooo many. I know why we can’t trust Hillary. Proven record. I just dont understand how Trump has established such a reputation of any of his words actually being believable. The man has been gravely dishonest in a number of different endeavors and enterprises for DECADES. I not arguing for a Christian being in office, just someone with common decency.

  8. I would look up Darrell Castle the Constitution Party. His Prolife stance goes from conception to death.

  9. A write in vote is a voter for Hillary Clinton. If you think that she’ll be appointing pro-life supreme court judges, you’re quite wrong. Vote for your write in and see how much further our country slip from God’s grace not just in four years but for the life of that appointed justice.

  10. Interesting that the only objections to Trump that Al Mohler can cite are around Trump’s “affairs” (didn’t Reagan have more than 1 wife?) and some unspecific allegation regarding pornography. Apparently, Trump’s bigotry against Muslims, his slandering of Mexicans, his accusing a Mexican-American judge of being unfit simply by virtue of his ethnic heritage, his misogyny towards women, his insulting of a Gold Star family, his calling on Russian to interfere in an American election, his frightening instability — all that is of no consequence to Mohler who is most upset by how many times Trump has been married. That tells you everything you need to know about Mohler’s moral compass.

  11. I vote my conscience, Trump has put this country first and I agree to that. He holds some of my major believes in the direction we need to turn too, to protect our sovereignty as well as our constitution. Hillary as in her whole policial career has shown to represent all that is wrong with big government. I honestly don’t know why any legal American that cares for the future generations would vote for her.

  12. Mohler and Moore are sick demented people. A no vote for Trump or write in is a vote for Hillary. That is a war against God Mohler and Moore will lose.

  13. I can not believe that two guys I respect would come to such a stupid decision? Character? Like LBJ’s character…Like JFK’s? they think Bill Clinton had better character…its a cop out and I’m in shock… interview Wayne Grudham.

  14. I respect the opinions of both Mohler and Moore but a no or third party vote echoes of Pilate washing his hands so he can claim he was not involved in the process. It reaks of surrender to me. In my opinion vote for the best that can win. Our choice for candidate was during the primary and we lost that one, let’s not lose this one out of spite. Pray to the God who trumps them all.

  15. I am from Ky and am a Christian first and a Southern Baptist second. I , too, have a problem with Trump but am voting for him. I read most of the replies and was mindful of them. I have to say, I agree with several regarding those who would NOT vote for either because of their Christian convictions, but somehow overlook those when it comes to our daily purchases. How many of you , who will NOT vote, pay good money to watch movies that degrade Christians or use His name in vain.? How about shopping at Starbucks, Target, AOL, Ford and the list goes on. I know for a fact that if Hillary becomes President, she will appoint at least 2 Supreme Court Justices, which we know the out come of that.

  16. So this is the same way I have been thinking…and I believe that sooooo many other followers of Christ also would agree with this (but somehow still reason that voting for the lessor of two evils is the right thing to do and voting against Trump is a vote for Clinton, which I disagree with. It is simply not voting for Trump!!!) Anyway, I think that there are enough followers of Christ who..if we could all write in the same candidate could make a huge statement….so my dilemma…I don’t know who to write in. Can you tell me who you will be writing in…and is there any way we can get the word out so others can have the same option? Thanks!

  17. Both of these people are Pharisees, disregarding the outcome for their own faulted beliefs. They are not following Biblical principals. An alternate vote or a non-vote is basically a vote for Hillary. Ask yourself what that says about their flawed thinking.

  18. Not very convincing Seem they both use a lot of high sounding but convoluted thinking. Their reasoning means their write in name cancels out a real vote. Could babble on, but will cease for now
    Re. Dr. Michael Bolus

    1. You must be joking. It was the first moral, and upstanding piece I’ve read by Christian authors since Max Lucardo came out against Trump. Personally the hypocrisy of evangelical leaders like Dobson who have gotten behind Trump is painful, truly it seems to me as if the Evangelical church in America is currently at an all time low.

      1. The idea that Christians of any stripe could support Trump is appalling to me. Evangelicals have tried to anoint him and they’ve prayed over him and Mr. Trump is snickering to himself. Hillary Clinton has made mistakes but she is a lifelong Christian. When she quoted John Wesley: paraphrased (Do all the good you can, as long as you can) it makes a statement of faith. What Wesley meant was do it in the name of Christ. Writing in a candidate or voting for a third party candidate is futile.

      2. This is a reply to Bob Helvey mainly and a general reply to these pastors. First I say to the pastors that character does matter but not as much as the issues. I don’t like the character of Trump, but I believe he will hold true to the pro life stance, the idea of defending America against infiltrators, getting rid of Obamacare, and helping our economy. As for praying over Trump…isn’t that biblical? Heck, I can’t stand Obama but I’ve prayed for him. Hillary makes mistakes but is a lifelong Christian? Really? To sin is to make a mistake….to continue the sin is a habit NOT a mistake. It’s intentional and selfish. A life long Christian will learn from mistakes and become a blessing to all around them. When has Hillary done this? She is a me first person and one who is untrustable. She turns viciously on anyone who will dare to attack her status. Example: Hillary went ballistic over the women who accused Bill of sexual abuse. She denied their statements, attacked their character hassled and harassed them in every way possible. Is this a mark of a Christian? Hillary’s email scandal. She refused to cooperate with investigators. She deleted emails. She surrendered them only when convenient for her. She lied about what was in them and denied their impact . Even then, when the FBI said she broke the law and lied about the entire scandal, she DENIED it and said that the FBI found her truthful. Is this Christian conduct?

        I’m very very upset with the Republican nomination. But compared to Hillary, Trump is a saint. We can NOT sit idly by and let Hillary take office and get two to three liberal Supreme Court justices added to the court.

        Remember, there are only two candidates who can be elected. Voting against Hillary is not voting for a “lesser” evil. It’s a vote against MAJOR evil and for a flawed man who lines up pretty well with Christian political issues. The issues are way more important politically than the character of one flawed man.

      3. I can NOT believe any Christian would Not vote for Donald Trump!! I am a very conservative Christian, a life long active Southren Baptist. I have spent countless days as a student in God’s Word. I strongly oppose Calvinism, which both of these men believe, and this is one of the reasons APATHY, the don’t care attitude that they believe to be directly to them by God’s sovereign will. I suggest folks read the book of Nehemiah and see how God blessed Israelites through a pagan King!
        These quotes from these two men, considering their positions, disgust my heart!

      4. Also, just because God can use a pagan King doesn’t mean God’s people have to help put that person in place. The Israelites didn’t vote for Nebuchadnezzar.

        The fact you say what Mohler and Moore says “disgusts your heart” says more about your heart condition than it does Mohler and Moore. I suggest you show a little more charity.

        Vote for Trump if that is what your conscience is leading you to do, but to judge your brothers in Christ for not sharing your opinion is mind boggling.


    I remain ‪#‎NeverTrump‬ ‪#‎NeverHillary‬ but I can accept people deciding to HOLD THEIR NOSE and saying they’ll Vote Trump to STOP Hillary (especially after folks see the D’Souza: Hillary’s America movie). There is a slight chance that Trump will indeed listen to some good folks and not be as bad as Hillary and be talked out of his non-Republican Policy positions (as he has no core) where-as Hillary will 100% stick with her absolute horrible ultra-Liberal positions.


    Stick with the “HE’S NOT HILLARY!” It’s about the only honest argument to be made! As I said above, there is a slight chance he’ll actually listen to others and be talked out of his natural reaction (as a Liberal Democrat) to go/be LEFT! We need to hear who will be in his Cabinet, so we can learn whether it will have some good folks that may be able to save us from Trump’s worst tendencies.

    So I am more than Happy to continue to have someone as a Friend if they are now going to Vote Trump, just as long as they remain HONEST. We can and all should be as ANTI-HILLARY as possible (voting Trump or Not) and on the rare occasions when Trump actually espouses a Conservative stand-point (while I’ll not believe him) it would make sense to applaud and tout him for it, but (again) DO NOT START LYING AND PRETENDING THINGS HE’S NOT ON HIS BEHALF!

    I will be Happy to pass along some occasional PRO-TRUMP items, as long as they are rooted in REALITY AND HONESTY! If he now espouses good things (and I always have stood by him on the NEED FOR A WALL (or whatever better/sound Border Patrol/Control) and enforcing current Immigration Law). BUT IF SOMEONE LIES, I WILL CHALLENGE IT!!!


  20. We should vote Trump. He is pro-Israel, like Reagan
    Be careful, the person without, sin, cast the first stone
    Please think about the Supreme Court judges appointments. Hillary is a criminal

    1. Do you not see the hypocrisy in your own comment? You have just as little right, by your own reasoning, to judge Hillary as a ‘criminal’ as I have (according to you) to judge Trump.

      Do you honestly think Trump means what he says about being pro-Life? When he’s flip flopped on the issue, do you think he actually gives a crap about the right to life? If you look at criminality, as the pro-Trump group are so obsessed with,Trump led a multi million dollar fraud with Trump University, he encouraged a foreign hack of opposition servers and he all but backed the annexation of Crimea.

      As to character:
      Trump has been married three times, and has had at least one affair. He boasted about sleeping around and called the 70’s his own personal ‘Vietnam’ because of the risk of STD’s. He’s bankrupted four of his companies to enrich himself, but in the process has caused the loss of hundreds of jobs and the destitution of many families. What makes you think he would care more about the voters than he did about his employees? After all, it was he who said he’d run America like he runs his business.

      As to Faith:
      We are commanded to show discernment, and to look out for the wolves in sheeps clothing. In the case of Trump, it’s a pretty terrible disguise… he didn’t work very hard on it. A man who claims that he has never had to confess his sins can not be a Christian. This isn’t me being ‘judgmental’ this is me going straight to the scriptures and looking at the one and only requirement for being accepted by Christ, that is to repent of our sins, as no man is without sin, and he will be ‘Faithful and Just to forgive us our sins.”

  21. The Republican nominee is certainly not my choice.
    However, if we do not vote for Trump (who is the Republican nominee), we have to accept the fact that someone will be President who will make much worse Supreme Court nominations. These nominations will affect our lives for many years to come- much longer than the next couple of presidential elections. This is the biggest implication of this pending election. If the court becomes liberal 7-2 or 6-3, then our religious liberties as we know them are over: non-profit status for churches; second amendment rights; abortion; and the list goes on and on. Christian conservatives who stay home and abstain from voting will still be voting loud and clear.

  22. of all the people who should vote for trump it should be the christians …you are the ones muslims want to kill and sharia wants to conform to their religion. you are the ones who religious freedoms are being taken away from and who will cease to exist. donald trump is right now the only person between you and your religioun being no longer allowed in this country, all of europe and probably the world if the caliphate comes to pass.

  23. Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone…. Hypocritical snobs. These Christians are so blinded by a single issue it makes me sick. Jesus said give unto Cesaer’s what is Cesaer’s, and to God what is Gods. God puts rulers over us. But, God also allowed the United States to become a free nation were “We the People” have a voice and get to vote for a ruler. These nevertrumper so-called Christians better look hard at the only 2 candidates that WILL WIN. Conservative Christians understand hillary is an evil person and would literally destroy our nation. The other choice a guy who is everything opposite of hillary and champions the right’s of all people including Christians, but is a sinner. This literally could be the end of our nation with this election. God also said be hot or cold for if you are luke warm I will spew you from my mouth. Using your voice to pick a third party candidate who has no chance in hell is a luke warm pick and a cop out of a choice from a so-called Christian who is afraid to pull his big boy pants up and admit he too is full of massive sin and not worthy of crap. I am a Christian and I personally think if you plan to pencil in ted cruz then you are the exact same as you say Trump is maybe worse. Being willfully blind to cruz’s flip-flopping, lying,”I’ll never take wall st money”, uses psychoanalytical brainwashing tactics, author of the TPA!, breaks a pledge, in cohesion with the GOPe, attacking other candidates first, and so much more, makes you voting for the exact thing you think you are not voting for, you neverTrump Christian people! Your actions appear to me like the pharisees and saduccees. You simply got your bloody noses so high in the air it makes me sick. Hypocritical snobs.

  24. the argument of these 2 gentlemen is very interesting. i’m processing it all–but is there a type in the following quote? i want to process it all accurately, but it seems that a few words are left out…or mistyped? please clarify: “I can’t being single-issue dispositive does not give an adequate political grid for when you go out. Because character is pretty much and also how prolife someone supposedly is after being so pro-abortion that they actually supported partial birth abortion.”

  25. Hillary Clinton and the DNC is a obvious horrible liar, right to the American public’s face; tried to steal items from the White House on President Clinton’s departure. She has broke every other law in the US constitution on security. The DNC and Hillary uses under privileged people to get votes; enslaves minds; supports abortion because it gets rid of undesirable humans, which is the motto of Margret Sanger the creator of abortion clinics. The DNC is a melting pot of so called underprivileged people only because they want to live in sin and off the backs of other people. it’s ok to marry your same sex partner now because the law supports minority groups; let’s get a grip people, God did not throw out His Scripture, when Jesus died on a cross. He demands that we open our eyes, hear and obey the Holy Words of His Son, He sent to save us from ourselves.

  26. Clearly you are far superior in your thinking and education for words to attempt to express. Being passive and calling, writing a candidate in a box( that clearly will have no positive effect on our society ) is genious! Save your soul?really! All you are proving is you should keep your pious self,home. It’s a waste of your valuable time.really you should continue your education and pass your knowledge on to all the other geniuses out there. We have two options for President, Not three!

  27. no matter how they word it, they can’t escape the distasteful, and effectively immoral (applying their own reasoning), reality they are giving the Dem candidate a vote by wasting theirs on a write in.

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