A new Christian group called Faith Trumps Fear launched a video today calling on Christians to consider voting for neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but to consider voting for another ballot-qualified candidate in their state.

Obviously the message resonates with me. A transcript of this video is below:

As a Christian I’ve been told to hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils.

That our vote is justified because no man is perfect and that we are simply electing a president, not a pastor.

I’ve been told to vote for the party platform, not the candidate, that we should prevent Hillary from appointing the next Supreme Court justice no matter the cost – that Trump is the strategic choice.

But should I set aside my conscience and cast my vote based out of a fear of Hillary rather than my obedience to God?

Should I turn a blind eye to Trump’s incredibly public promotion of fornication, adultery, hateful rhetoric, sodomy, abortion and mocking of God? A man who says he has never needed to ask God’s forgiveness for anything?

What if we are thinking about this in all of the wrong ways? Is it possible as Christians that God has a higher calling on our lives than voting for either of two candidates who are so completely hostile to His commands?

That God desires the trust of His people more than their strategies. He desires our personal obedience more than he desires us to speculate about whoever the next Supreme Court justice may be?

I believe in a God who is almighty. A God who will very likely will allow Trump or Hillary to become the next President. Yet, even then, He will still remain in control no matter who sits in the White House, no matter who rules in the courthouse, a higher King should rule in our hearts.

If neither Trump or Hillary represents your values then please pay close attention. You still need to vote, and you need to vote for an actual ballot qualified candidate in your state.

At FaithTrumpsFear.com you can learn how we as Christians can send a message to America that enough is enough and that we will no longer accept candidates that are unacceptable. That if enough of us vote for actual candidates besides Hillary or Trump we can make a statistically significant impact in this election, and the major political parties will take note.

But if you write in a candidate who is not actually running then your vote will be disregarded and your voice won’t be heard. Likewise if you decide to protest and stay home then you won’t make a difference, you won’t make a statistical impact. You won’t be heard that kind of misses the entire point.

For a full list of candidates in your state visit FaithTrumpsFear.com. And if you know someone who will be encouraged by this message or hasn’t decided who they will vote for then please share this video with them.

We are not called to choose the lesser of two evils, we are called to holiness. God and God alone will save our country. We should never cast a vote out of fear unless it is the fear of God.

Remember that when the people of God vote like they belong to the Kingdom of God evil always loses.

Amen. A higher King should rule in our hearts and we should not be ruled by fear.

As I have said that if your conscience leads you to vote for Donald Trump, I’ve said numerous times you should do that. All I ask is that you vote your conscience, a Christian should do no other, and to go against your conscience and to cause others to violate theirs is, quite frankly, a sin.

  1. Trump has apologized Trump needs not be Judged by us ! That’s in God’s Wonderful Hands !
    However it is clear going forward that if for no other reason, Trump will be the Candidate to put America in the right direction again ! An America to follow the constitution for which we need again ! To provide the USA with Pro Life Judges !!!
    A Change for all the better of American lives !
    Boarder Security ! Replace Obama Care ! Bring back jobs ! Cut Taxes ! Get rid of the Absolute Violence in our inner cities !
    There are other choices I’m sure but a vote for someone other then Trump gives your vote To Hillary ! Then you just voted for Pro Choice ! Open Boarders ! Raised Taxes ! A very very SAD America plus more of the same of the Past !!!
    Did anyone listen to Billy Grahams Granddaughter this morning ?
    She hit the Nail on the Head !!!
    America better wake up and the
    CHRISTIAN WOMEN need to step up to the plate and be more forgiving and pray trust God and vote for Trump !
    Do Not repeat Do Not let Crooked Corupt Deceitful Hillary Clinton win over Trump or we will face a very very
    Dangerous America !!!
    Think America Think !!! Forgive and Vote Trump !
    In four years you will be able to look back and be SO GLAD YOU DID !!!
    Don’t be fooled by the Devil !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hillary would love for people who don’t want to vote for her vote someone else that’s not Trump!!!
    Show her that we the American people aren’t that NIEVE !!!!
    AMEN !!!!!!

  2. “…you can learn how we as Christians can send a message to America that enough is enough and that we will no longer accept candidates that are unacceptable.” – – pretty lightweight stuff. “Enough is enough”?That’s our message? And how “acceptable” does a candidate have to be, and to whom?

    1. Well Bob, obviously this video is targeting Christians so the answer to the “to whom” question should be evident. As far as acceptability obviously the line is draw at Clinton and Trump so neither are acceptable and frankly that’s a pretty low bar.

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