Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

Yesterday I announced my decision that I would be casting a write-in vote for Gov. Bobby Jindal. There are, no doubt, quite a number of people that haven’t heard me express my thoughts either on the radio or posted in writing online with regard to why I am casting a write-in vote as opposed to voting for the Republican nominee. I’m going to try to briefly explain where I’m coming from in hopes that there will be no misunderstanding on the matter.

First, some thoughts on Donald Trump. I have written about him before, even foolishly dismissing him as a viable candidate in July of 2015.

I believe this man is a narcissist of the first order. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone behave quite the way he has during this campaign. His instinct is always to go after and destroy anyone that crosses him or represents a threat. He’ll do that even if he will get harmed in the process. He simply doesn’t care. It has to be incredibly frustrating to his advisors to be working with a man that seems incapable of keeping his mouth shut even when the political calculus says it’s the right thing to do. Had he learned to do this as late as last Summer, he might be leading Mrs. Clinton in the polls today by double digits.

Trump sometimes also seems incapable of telling the truth. He can make contradictory statements practically in the same sentence, and occasionally makes wild exaggerations that no one believes. Point out something bad that he said? He’ll just deny it. As Jacob Sullum recently observed at, “…the blowhard billionaire (Trump) can barely open his mouth without lying.” The phrase “pathological liar” comes to mind here.

In short, even without getting into his misogynist tendencies, he strikes me as a man who has an absence of character.

He has been all over the place with respect to policy, leaving me to have no confidence that he has any core principles. He appears to be an empty suit, policy wise. I have no idea what he’ll actually do should he win the election. All along I have said that the only thing I knew for sure about Donald Trump was that he didn’t like Mexico, he didn’t like China, and he didn’t like Meghan Kelly.

If he were to get elected and actually DO some of what he says he might, I have no doubt that he will do less harm to the things I hold dear than will Mrs. Clinton. But I have no confidence in that regard, his relationship with Sam Clovis notwithstanding.

I simply can’t support this guy in good conscience.

I want to be crystal clear on another point, however: There is NO moral high ground for those of you who are supporting Mrs. Clinton. Zip. Zero. Notta.

Matt Walsh said it well recently: “So, liberal voters have to decide what they’re going to do. And if they decide that they’re going to make a disgrace and a mockery of our entire political system by electing Hillary Clinton, they certainly lose the right to lecture Trump voters in the process. It’s no secret that I am not a Trump fan, but I can’t stomach the Clinton voters who pretend to be traveling on the morally superior route.”

Hillary Clinton is a liar of epic proportions.  I don’t think it’s pathology at work. It’s more about what she’s been allowed to get away with for decades. Lying has served her well. Why would she stop now?

She’s just as narcissistic and power hungry as Trump, but she’s much more deceitful and calculating.

She is a liar par excellence:

  • She lied to the families of the victims of the Benghazi attacks
  • She lied under oath to Congress
  • She lied to the American people

I’m still at a loss to see how she has not already been charged with obstruction of justice. Deleting emails, having hard drives cleaned, and then finally smashing devices with a hammer when these things are potential evidence in an FBI investigation? You try that and see how long it takes for you to arrive in Leavenworth.

It may be that she will ultimately be held accountable for some of this. Time will tell.

Let me summarize all of this in a few words:

Donald Trump clearly needs to be in therapy. Hillary Clinton clearly needs to be indicted.

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