Tomi Lahren speaking at the 2016 Politicon in Pasadena, CA. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore
Tomi Lahren speaking at the 2016 Politicon in Pasadena, CA. Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

I don’t like or appreciate Tomi Lahren.

That’s not a judgement of those who do, and it’s not condoning the latest holier-than-thou actions of conservatives who oppose her. It is simply my opinion. Although I’m sure Tomi is a decent person in real life, her media presence irks me.

Tomi has become well known for being a loud, brash, mouthy conservative. Moving from One America News Network to The Blaze, she loudly proclaims her viewpoint night after night. Although people love her lack of political correctness, I personally think that any viewpoint should be stated with some class and tact, and that yelling conservative things at a camera for a little while doesn’t actually turn you into a knowledgeable conservative figurehead.

Yet, that’s exactly what the conservative community, specifically conservative Millennials and those sick of political correctness, have turned her into. She has become a figurehead.

Tomi recently went on The View for an interview. In this interview, she came out more publicly than ever before as pro-choice (a shock to some because she had seemed avidly pro-life on social media, especially throughout this last presidential election when she was attacking Hillary Clinton), equating gun rights to the right to abort your child. Although some were irritated with the fact that she seemed to double cross herself and change her mind on this subject (and that she is content to see the continuation of the murder of millions of babies in this country), the major point of frustration for me came when she accused conservatives of being hypocrites for wanting the government to regulate and ban abortion.

There are two things that must be addressed after that interview: Both the absurdity of her calling pro-life conservatives hypocrites and the ridiculous outcry from both her supporters and those disgusted with her within the conservative community.

Tomi, being a pro-life conservative who also wants small government is not ‘hypocritical’, as you so idiotically stated. The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness was enshrined within the Declaration of Independence, and has become the cornerstone of this country. Just as we think the government should outlaw murder outside of the womb for the sake of human life being protected (as is a logical task of government), we think government should outlaw murder inside the womb for the same reasons. Attempting to make pro-life conservatives look like hypocritical idiots in order to make your own opinion look better was not only stupid and wrong, but showed that you have a basic misunderstanding of the sanctity of life and the protection of it.

Now, the comments I have appreciated hearing from pro-life Tomi supporters are that they feel she is absolutely wrong on the life issue, but they support her and agree with her elsewhere. I disagree with them on their support of her, but I appreciate this honest assessment. What has been disheartening is hearing the reactions of these same Tomi supporters to her suspension from her usual role at The Blaze following her controversial interview.

Let me make one thing adamantly clear: The Blaze is a BUSINESS. It is a news network that has been known for being spearheaded by the avidly pro-life Glenn Beck and having a fairly pro-life voice. Suspending Tomi is not a ‘censorship of free speech’; it is freedom of association, and exactly what they have the right to do. If you think The Blaze has no right to fire her, then you must think that bakers should be forced to bake cakes for gay weddings (even if they hold traditional views of marriage), or that Christian ministries and organizations should be forced to hire anyone, no matter whether or not their religious beliefs are fitting with the organization’s.

Shame on everyone advocating against The Blaze for only supporting freedom of association and the rights of private business owners when it suits you.

Now, for those conservatives who have never been fans of Tomi and are openly pointing out her flaws and hypocrisy…I would suggest actually thinking for two seconds before shooting off a social media post condemning fellow conservatives. There are some valid reasons why conservatives would support her, and alienating yourself from those who typically hold the same views as you just to be able to say, “I told you so,” is asinine and juvenile.

So far, there have been no winners in this entire situation, but there have definitely been three losers: Tomi Lahren, her supporters, and her opposers. If you want to actually have a valid opinion within this whole debate, be respectful, factual, and think for two seconds before you post something. You’ll raise the intelligence level of those commenting on this issue greatly if you’ll simply do those three things.

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