Iowa State Capitol Rotunda
Photo Credit: Angelo Mercado via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)
Iowa State Capitol Rotunda
Photo Credit: Angelo Mercado via Flickr (CC-By-NC-ND 2.0)

Life Right Action, a pro-life advocacy group in Iowa, released their list of endorsements in Iowa’s upcoming general election on November 6.

Their champion of life list consists of elected officials who are running for re-election who have fought for life while in office. They will release a list of endorsements of candidates who have committed to defending life next week.

“We are honored to stand with these Iowans, who believe strongly in the dignity and value of every human being,” Jenifer Bowen, President of Life Right Action stated.  “We have watched them in Action, on the federal and state level, relentlessly fighting to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

United States Congress:

  • Iowa 1st Congressional District: Rod Blum
  • Iowa 3rd Congressional District: David Young
  • Iowa 4th Congressional District: Steve King

Iowa Statewide Races:

  • Governor and Lt. Governor: Kim Reynolds and Adam Gregg
  • Secretary of State*: Paul Pate
  • Auditor of State*: Mary Mosiman

Iowa Senate Races

  • District 03: Jim Carlin
  • District 05: Tim Kraayenbrink
  • District 07: Rick Bertrand
  • District 09: Jason Schultz
  • District 11: Tom Shipley
  • District 13: Julian Garret
  • District 15: Zach Nunn
  • District 19: Jack Whitver
  • District 25: Annette Sweeney
  • District 47: Roby Smith

Iowa House Races

  • District 01: John Wills
  • District 02: Megan Jones
  • District 03: Dan Huseman
  • District 04: Skyler Wheeler
  • District 06: Jacob Bossman
  • District 07: Tedd Gassman
  • District 08: Terry Baxter
  • District 10: Mike Sexton
  • District 11: Gary Worthan
  • District 12: Brian Best
  • District 16: Mary Ann Hanusa
  • District 17: Matt Windschitl
  • District 18: Steven Holt
  • District 19: Chris Hagenow
  • District 21: Tom Moore
  • District 22: Jon Jacobsen
  • District 23: David Sieck
  • District 24: Cecil Dolecheck
  • District 25: Stan Gustafson
  • District 27: Joel Fry
  • District 37: John Landon
  • District 38: Kevin Koester
  • District 39: Jake Highfill
  • District 42: Peter Cownie
  • District 48: Robert Bacon
  • District 49: Dave Deyoe
  • District 50: Pat Grassley
  • District 54: Linda Upmeyer
  • District 55: Michael Bergan
  • District 57: Shannon Lundgren
  • District 60: Walt Rogers
  • District 63: Sandy Salmon
  • District 67: Ashley Hinson
  • District 72: Dean Fisher
  • District 73: Bobby Kaufmann
  • District 78: Jarad Klein
  • District 88: David Kerr
  • District 91: Gary Carlson
  • District 92: Ross Paustian
  • District 94: Gary Mohr
  • District 97: Norlin Mommsen

“While in years past we may not have weighed in on these key state races, this year is unique. State and national abortion extremist organizations have targeted these offices and are pouring excessive amounts of money into their opposition’s campaigns. Watching our current Secretary of State and Auditor of State in Action, devotedly and tirelessly work on behalf of all Iowans for years, we knew we could not remain silent,” Bowen said.

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