As more states have medical and recreational marijuana on the ballot, there’s  more confusion over how that legalization effects American’s 2nd Amendment Rights.  As a staunch proponent of the right to keep and bear arms, I’m duty-bound to address that confusion.

The sheer volume of patently false information out there needs clarification.  Too many times, I’ve seen proponents of marijuana legalization  reassure their audience that they have nothing to worry about when it comes to their right to keep and bear arms.  These people have a platform and a reading/viewing audience and they’re doing them a huge disservice.

A recent piece I read was so over-the-top, it inspired me to write this.  I hesitate to include a link to the piece because it’s poorly written, light on facts, and extremely unfocused.  But then the writer in me took over, and decided that my own audience deserves a point of reference, and an example of the type of misinformation that’s floating around out there.  The piece can be found here

The author’s argument is a familiar one.  The false premise that to deny gun ownership to a user of legalized marijuana is unconstitutional based on the last four words of the 2nd Amendment.  “Shall not be infringed”.

This is a ridiculous premise on many levels.  

Marijuana, even if it’s legal at the state level, is still a Schedule 1 drug at the federal level.  As a result, a person who is a marijuana user and owns a gun is in felony possession of a firearm.  Period.  No exceptions.

The 2nd Amendment reads:  “A well regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.  It says “arms”.  Not “guns”.  Users of marijuana have a multitude of other arms available to them that they may own and carry.  Having a restriction on one type of arm (a firearm) is in no way, unconstitutional. 

Do I like the fact that gun owners are finding themselves in the position of choosing between their right to self defense  and a drug that may (for example) help control their seizures?  Not in the least.  But do you know what I dislike more?  Dishonest people who are so blinded by their desire to have pot, they misinform the public and literally encourage them to commit felonies.  That’s got to stop.  

Medical Marijuana is on the ballot this year, in my own state of MO.  Until the issue is corrected at the federal level and marijuana is removed from the Schedule 1 list, I’m a firm “no” on all three ballot initiatives.  I refuse to have a hand in forcing my fellow Missourians into a position of choosing between a plant and their natural right to self defense.

If the proponents of the three initiatives care as much about the people of Missouri as they claim, they will table the initiatives. Reintroduce them a time when Missourians aren’t forced into that position, rather than feeding them false information.


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