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It’s Friday! Since most of our news consumption consists of bad news, especially during this pandemic, I wanted to take the time to offer up some non-political positive and good news. Something that can inspire us or, at the very least, make us smile.

1. Silly Walk Zone

Inspired by a Monty Python sketch called “Ministry of Silly Walks,” Liz Koto and her family deemed the sidewalk in front of their home, the “jurisdiction of the Ministry of Silly Walks.” They posted signs establishing the jurisdiction and then commands travelers to “commence silly walking immediately.” 

Their neighbors don’t disappoint, and the family captures it all on their doorbell camera. You can watch it all on their Instagram account.

Whatever it takes to get through the Great Quarantine

2. A Funny Sign A Day Keeps The Blues Away

El Arroyo, a Mexican restaurant in Austin, Texas, offers a humorous sign every day. Like many restaurants, their dining area is closed, but they are keeping their sign updated with observations from quarantine. It’s hilarious.

Check out their Instagram

3. Checking In On Neighbors With Post-It Notes

Lillian Kogan, a college student in Manhattan, reached out to her elderly neighbors across from her apartment window by using Post-It notes.

She spelled out, “Hi!” using Post-It Notes. Her neighbors put up a similar message in response marking the start of a new relationship.

Watch the Inside Edition segment below:

4. Puppies Need Companionship Too

Fox News had a segment about a California animal sanctuary that hosted puppies from a nearby pet shelter for a day while it is closed to human visitors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. A Sweet Reunion

Eric and Faith Johnson’s home in Cookeville, Tenn. was destroyed by an EF-4 tornado. The couple’s dog, Bella, an Australian Shepherd, warned them of the storm, giving them time to shelter in a bathtub. 

They were unable to locate Bella after the storm passed. WTVF TV in Nashville, Tenn. reported the couple would go back to their neighborhood every day in hopes of finding her. Neighbors several weeks after the tornado hit would share sightings of her, so they knew she was alive.

They write:

On Thursday, church friend Sarah Romeyn received a call from an employee of an animal grooming business who thought to have seen Bella across the street. Romeyn had been helping in the search for her as someone who tracks missing animals after storms. 

Romeyn set up trail cameras on a fence and eventually captured Bella coming out of a skinny area between two buildings to eat the food she placed. Romeyn called Eric on Sunday who responded with his brother-in-law and pastor. He jumped the fence while the others blocked off both entrances to keep her from running away.

“I started losing hope. This is amazing because to have her back with us, it completes our family now and puts a missing piece back,” Eric told NewsChannel 5. “This dog saved our lives. She’s the one who gave us a chance to survive.”

Have good news that you would like to share? Drop me a line at for your story to possibly be shared in next week’s Friday Five. 

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