The other day, I was having an online debate with a gentleman that I do not know. He was a liberal. I am a conservative. Oil. Water. He asked me to define “small government.” I told him that the subject was too broad but that the abolishment of the federal leviathan known as Obamacare would […]

Always and in All Things


In a couple weeks, most of us will celebrate Thanksgiving. A number of my friends on Facebook use the month of November to post something they are thankful for each and every day of the month. I think that is a worthy exercise. Ephesians 5:20 says, “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and […]

Culture’s Clash with Christianity

No Christ

There is a palpable and open hostility towards Christianity and God’s Word in our society today. There is an obvious effort to ridicule, shame and marginalize Christ followers. We are front row witnesses to an organized campaign to scrub any mention or recognition of God from anything in the public arena. Why? What makes these […]

We’re sifting… and sifting… and sifting


  I am the father of four grown daughters and I have the mental and emotional battle scars to prove it.  Thank you for your sympathy. One of the important duties for men that have drawn this lot in life is to sift through the list of candidates who wish to date their daughters, when […]

Charlie Sheen’s Traveling Train Wreck

Charlie Sheen

He calls it his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour.  A more accurate title would be “Charlie Sheen’s Traveling Train Wreck.”  Whatever you choose to call it, Charlie made his debut in Detroit last night and by all reports, it simply gave the citizens of that once fine city one more thing to grumble about.  Even […]

Rich Man, Poor Man


I live nowhere near the zip code of the “wealthy.”  I do okay but I can tell you with confidence, I will never be rich.  I can also tell you that I do not resent those with wealth nor do I not think ill of them.  I do not question how they accumulated their wealth.  […]

Four More Years!

Barrack Hussein Obama will be a two term president. We are four months past the historic midterm elections of 2010 in which the Republicans gained a net 63 seats from Democrats and retook control of the chamber they had lost in the 2006 midterm elections, erasing the gains Democrats made in 2006 and 2008 and […]