Home School co-op at the Sharp's

Dear Friends, Family, Neighbors and people I have met at the Grocery store and other places:

Each of you at different times, whether you know me or not, upon hearing of my decision to homeschool my children, usually all have the same question, “What about Socialization?”

I realize now how kind and caring this question is. You are showing care and concern for my children. I am not sure however what answer you expect me to give. Do you really think that I am going to say “I let my children out of the closet for a half an hour a day, and they seem to be just fine.” Or maybe you think I am going to say “My children’s socialization stinks, but I want to control and shelter them, and therefore I will continue to homeschool them.” Or maybe you just think that I will be defensive, knowing deep inside that homeschooling is the worst thing for my children, and yet I insist on it anyway.

You will have to forgive me, if I am sometimes a little annoyed by the question. Especially on those times when you ask me right after one of my children has just finished explaining to you about the mating habits of tree frogs, or the various battles during the Revolutionary War. He maybe even just explained all that was involved in the science project that he just finished, drawing all of the iron out of high iron cereals using a Neodymium Magnet.

So let me tell you the truth about the socialization of home school children. According to all of the studies that have been done, home schooled children actually have better social skills. They can relate to people of all ages, not just those of their same age. They display more self confidence than their public schooled peers. They do not succumb to peer pressure in the ways that public schooled children do. They often thrive so well in college, that large Universities are rumored to seek them out. The list goes on.

I know that home schooling is not for everyone. I won’t judge you in the way that you have judged me. But I do ask that you respect me and my decision.


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  1. I believe there are certain cases where public institutions are not adequately equipped to the relevance of the student population. Therefore, the homeschool option is beneficial to both the student and the parent. On the other hand, poor parenting would lead to poor teaching.

  2. There are bad apples in every bunch of course. I find that sometimes, people focus on the bad apples as the rule.

  3. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If I had a dollar for every time Cheryl and I were asked that question we'd be well on our way to having our house paid off.

    If you put a bunch of 12-year-olds together all day what are they going to learn to become? Not much I'm afraid. When in our kids' lives are they ever going to be in that situation again? Life doesn't operate that way.

    My children are more confident talking with adults as a result of homeschooling that they would be otherwise, I'm convinced of it.

    Great post Coleen!

  4. Hi Coleen. GREAT POST!! My only question….how did you find out the exact thoughts that I have had so many times over my 12 years of homeschooling 🙂 ? Honestly, if I would have known back when I started homeschooling how many times I would have people comment (perfect strangers many times) how well behaved and pleasant my children are to be around, I would have kept track to tell the people that are so “concerned” about their socialization!! It is quite maddening at times, huh?

  5. As a former homeschooler myself (I only stopped because of my own illness) here is how I always used to respond to that socialization question. That's WHY I homeschool — so they will have better socialization!

    What moron thinks the public school system is good at socializing children??? They are HORRIBLE on that!

    Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I homeschooled my daughter 4 grades in 3 years before putting her in public school in 5th grade. I worked hard to give her an independent mindset. After high school, she worked at KFC for nearly two years, becoming team trainer, before heading off to the Army the day before her 18th birthday. She became platoon guide in Basic, and in Iraq she had E-4 duties while carrying E-3 rank.

    The socialization (and corresponding leadership) question is a red herring argument.

  7. Good for you. You must be very proud of your daughter!!!

    Ultimately regardless of how we decide to educate our children, a lot is on the parents shoulders.

  8. I have been homeschooled since middle school and can honestly say that I have received the best education through my homeschooling curriculum. I am a senior in high school and will be graduating in a few weeks. I have learned much more through my homeschool curriculum than I would have through public school curriculum. Coleen is also right about the factor of being able to socialize with all age groups rather than just your own. Great Post!

  9. Well, you know … in homeschooling, kids don't usually learn to swear by the 2nd grade, they seldom get passed porn magazines in middle school, and almost never send sexually-explicit text messages or get accosted in locker rooms. Other than that, though, I've found that their social skills are just fine.

  10. That must be the socialization that people are talking about.

    One reason that home school is how much I hated public school myself, and the bad experiences. I was a strong Christian, and by God's grace made it through, but all of the socialization was a distraction from the learning. Even though I was in advanced classes, I can't believe how little I learned.

    And then I was made fun of for not being more worldly. This is one reason I home school.

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