Governor Sarah Palin traveled 5000 miles to visit Alaskan National Guard troops at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo who are serving in the Multi-National Task Force-East KFOR 11 mission over there.  She is also making a stop in Germany to visit wounded soldiers (unlike somebody else we know who had the opportunity, but didn’t).

I saw this compilation video, and thought I’d share it here.

HT: Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments

Additional thought/question: Has Governor Chet Culver of Iowa visited our National Guard members overseas?  Maybe he has, but I don’t recall it.  How about your Governor, has he or she done this?

Updated: Finished video with some different footage (the above was some raw) of a report by the Army’s 69th Public Affairs Detachment.  Capt. Jonathan Masaki Shiroma reporting, with Spc. Joseph Samudio on camera.

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