Governor Sarah Palin traveled 5000 miles to visit Alaskan National Guard troops at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo who are serving in the Multi-National Task Force-East KFOR 11 mission over there.  She is also making a stop in Germany to visit wounded soldiers (unlike somebody else we know who had the opportunity, but didn’t).

I saw this compilation video, and thought I’d share it here.

HT: Sarah Palin’s Accomplishments

Additional thought/question: Has Governor Chet Culver of Iowa visited our National Guard members overseas?  Maybe he has, but I don’t recall it.  How about your Governor, has he or she done this?

Updated: Finished video with some different footage (the above was some raw) of a report by the Army’s 69th Public Affairs Detachment.  Capt. Jonathan Masaki Shiroma reporting, with Spc. Joseph Samudio on camera.


  1. I think this Governor Sanford meltdown is great news for out gal…….The trip abroad is great although it will be interesting to see how Mathews and Company denigrate her travels.
    As for Governors, we will trade Governor Paterson for Governor Palin anytime.

  2. Well the 2012 field has narrowed with Sanford and Ensign, but neither of those guys were likely going to be strong contenders. It's hard to predict this far out who will actually run. Romney definitely is, I mean he's practically campaigning. I'd be surprised if Mike Huckabee doesn't go after it again. Pawlenty I think will as well since he decided not to run for re-election, that is a pretty good indicator. I wouldn't be surprised to see Barbour throw his hat in the ring as well.

    But being 3 1/2 years out who really knows.

  3. Regarding her travels she's fulfilling a function as the Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska National Guard, and she didn't bring reporters with her so it isn't a photo op. Can't see how she can really be criticized for this, though I am sure ankle-biters will find a way.

    Oh by the way, New York has to get behind Iowa – we've got dibbs on sending Culver to Alaska. Preferably Nome or Barrow.

  4. Sarah Palin, the great American patriot, visits her national guard troops in Kosovo. America, this is the woman that can lead us back to that shining city on a hill. Let's get her elected president in 2012!

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