Mind you this is an extreme case of childhood obesity.  A 14-year-old’s mother was charged with child neglect since he weighs 555 lbs.

Video from CNN:

HT: Freedom’s Lighthouse

What say you?

  1. It simply didn’t happen overnight that the child weighed 555 lbs. As a parent, I think I would have started taking this more seriously around 475 lbs. (I’m being sarcastic.)
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  2. I have mixed feelings on this.

    At 500 pounds … obviously, this is abuse. I’m not sure where the line is. My 13-year-old is overweight, and I’m at odds with his mother about his level of activity and such. Even so, I don’t want her thrown in jail for it. (Well, maybe …)

    Then again, he’s not a quarter of a ton, either. As with most of family law, this is a tough situation.
    .-= Wickle´s last blog ..How is this even a story? =-.

    1. I’m thinking a 10-year sentence is extreme. I am troubled by the precedent that this could set if she is convicted.

      I don’t find her blameless though like her attorney is portraying her. And if he’s eating like what they are describing in school, something needs to be done about that.

  3. This is a tough one but it seems like there could be better ways to help this than to throw the mom in jail and upset a kid that has an emotional problem even further by putting him in the foster care system.
    .-= Tiffany´s last blog ..I’m just twisted! =-.

  4. I don’t think she should go to jail, or maybe have a suspended sentence and involve people to help. like when they mandate drug counseling, for example. If the child does not work, they do not have the ability to buy the food, so she and her family should have the ability to control what he has available to eat. She just may need others to help her to enforce it.

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