Stop the Abortion Mandate is a coalition made up of 54 organizations committed to stop the abortion mandate within the current pieces of health care reform legislation.  They sent a letter to Congress on July 22nd, and they also have a video.

There are some who will claim there is no such mandate, as there are not any references to abortion within the pieces of legislation.  The text of the bills do not clearly exclude abortion from any tax-payer subsidized or government-mandated benefits package.

And that’s the problem with health care reform as it relates to abortion (and other things as well) – ambiguity.  Too much left up to interpretation by too many people.

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  1. Abortion is legal in the U.S. but forced in Communist China.

    In China they force abortions on women to maintain the one child per family rule, that does not stop anti abortion folks from flocking to Wal-Mart the single largest seller of Communist Chinese Products in the world and buying up these cheap items made in government run plants that force abortion on women and commit infantcide of female born babies.

    In my opinion every time you buy one of these Communist Chinese Products you are gulity of facilitating murder. What does this tell you about yourself if you buy these Chinese products at Wal-Mart?

    Is a human life is worth it if you can save a few bucks at Wal-Mart?

    Read the articles.,8599,1615936,00.html

  2. Maxie, I appreciate your opinion of Walmart, however, you will find that no matter what store you enter these days (even the high-end retailers) most of the labels will say “made in China”. Our nation is attached by the religion of money to China, and not just Walmart. Manufacturers across our country buy most of their parts from China. A small electric motor, for instance, is purchased through China for a tenth of what it would cost here. I’m surely not disagreeing with your main point–I agree wholeheartedly with your comment on abortion and the shame that our nation bears for supporting China, but the problem goes WAY beyond what Walmart may do.

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