Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announces that the public option is now in the Senate version of the health care reform bill.  With one caveat that it will include an opt-out option for states.

So Democrats now believe in a form of federalism? Hmmmmm… It would seem that the only way Senator Reid feels he can keep liberal members of his caucus on board is if he keeps the public option.  The moderates would only vote for it I suppose is if it includes an opt-out.  So he thinks that he will then have the votes he needs to get this through the Senate.

I bet this opt-out is lost in a House-Senate conference.  I don’t see Speaker Nancy Pelosi going for that.  Also, I wonder will states be able to “opt-out” of their state’s share of the taxes that will fund this nightmare?  If not can you truly say your state gets an opt-out?  I don’t think so.  Liberals wouldn’t want that anyway.  That would be true federalism at work.  People can vote with their feet.  We’ll truly see who wanted the public option and who didn’t, as well as, what the effect is on their state’s economy.  They can be a laboratory.

That won’t happen though.  How about an opt-in?  Definitely won’t happen either.  You know if this does pass with a state opt-out, look for an unintended consequence – health care reform will become a state and local issue.  That should scare Democrats as well.  Suddenly we start asking our state representatives and senators how they’ll vote on this.  We’ll put pressure on our Governors on whether or not they’ll sign the bill.

This could be a way to clean house at the state level, and that might not be a bad thing.  Which is another reason this won’t happen.

Video HT: Motor City Times

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