Did you realize that Governor Chet Culver declared November 20, 2009 – Transgender Day of Remembrance in Iowa?  Neither did I, but yet the Culver administration wanted to take a day to celebrate and remember transgenders.  He was so proud of this proclamation that it wasn’t listed on his website as of 12/31/09.  Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION heard of it only via a One Iowa email that was forwarded to them.  They did obtain a copy of this “historic” proclamation through a FOIA request.

The proclamation reads:

Whereas, the State of Iowa has a long-standing tradition of upholding the dignity of the individual, supporting legal equality and fair treatment for all citizens, and ensuring that acts of neglect and violence toward any segment of the population will not be tolerated; and

Whereas, The Culver/Judge Adminstration is committed to building One Iowa, with an unlimited future for everyone, and that work involves every Iowan, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity; and

Whereas, Iowa is committed to promoting an environment of inclusiveness in which Iowans of diverse backgrounds may thrive in safe communities and workplaces; and

Whereas, building Iowa’s future requires the talents and skills of all Iowans, and the diversity of Iowa’s citizens, including transgender people, contributes to our state’s rich culture and prosperity; and

Whereas, Transgender Day of Remembrance honors those who have died by homicide, or suicide, by the hand of ignorance and prejudice, while attempting to pursue the American dream and equality:

Now, therefore I, Chester J. Culver, Governor of the State of Iowa, do hereby proclaim November 20, 2009, as Transgender Day of Remembrance in Iowa, and urge all Iowans to work toward eliminating discrimination on all levels and to promote tolerance.

How special…  Governor Culver couldn’t be counted on to back up his promise to protect traditional marriage, but yet here he signs a proclamation that celebrates confusion and sexual deviancy.  I’m sorry, gender identity?  Let me be straightforward here, this is really easy.  If you have a penis – you are a boy.  If you have a vagina – you are a girl.  There is no such thing as “gender identity,”  you don’t get to choose.  If you are confused it is something that requires counseling, not a special day of remembrance proclamation from the Governor’s office.

The Iowa Code already gives special protections for sexual orientation and “gender identity” and now according to the Culver administration we need to celebrate it and “tolerate it” (i.e. – accept it as equally valid and right).  Thanks to the new civil rights that are allowed for transgendered people passed by the Democrats in the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Culver; our rights are in jeopardy.  Take for instance your right to privacy in a public restroom, and your right not to hire a man who dresses up in women’s clothing because you deem that to be unprofessional and harmful to business.

Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION pointed out today in a press release that Governor Culver made a point of reaching out to people of faith.  He doesn’t share Iowa’s values.

While no one should be ever have to fear for their lives as a result of choices like these.  It isn’t something that should be celebrated either, and certainly not by our Governor’s office.

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  1. There used to be a pretty good name for ‘transgendered’ people when I was younger (and it wasn’t so very long ago, even): crazy. (Yeah, yeah, call me a ‘hater’ or whatever, but let’s be clear: anyone that wants to surgically transmogrify their sex organs because they think it’ll magically re-write their DNA is out of their gourd.)

    1. @ECM, this comment is thoughtless bigotry. Plain and simple. You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about, spouting things about magically re-writing DNA and transmogrifying.

      I suggest you actually try to understand transgender people. Here’s some literature:

      Though I’m sure you won’t read it.

  2. “If you have a penis – you are a boy. If you have a vagina – you are a girl.”

    This is just an ignorant statement, Shane. Not everybody is born this way. Have you ever considered that about one percent of babies are born intersexed? Not everybody has a clear biological “sex” even by your own blithe definition, so who are you to tell them what their gender is? This has nothing to do with traditional marriage and everything to do with your own prejudices. But God makes people how He makes them, and sometimes He makes them in ways that don’t fit neatly in the boxes that make Shane Vander Hart comfortable.

    1. @Guy Incognito, it’s not the least bit ignorant: most “intersex” people are XX (female) or XY (male). (A freakishly small number of ‘flopped’ chromosomes–XX males and XY females–are thought to exist but they are virtually non-existent and nowhere near 1% of anything.)

      The 1% to which you refer includes everything from men who grow up with extremely small genitals (not a pleasant situation, but hardly requires the creation of an entirely new ‘gender’), to people that have horrible medical accidents that mar their sex organs, to men that have excess breast tissue: in other words, it’s just another victim class seeking unequal treatment before the law and (of course) culture and find willing accomplices in promulgating this because it’s easier to assuage someones feelings of inadequacy/mental disturbance than being honest with them. (Because to be honest, we might have to make a judgment call and if there’s anything the modern ‘intellectual’ can’t stand, it’s making an honest-to-god judgment about anything.)

  3. To Guy Incognito,

    You seem to be the only one with a true brain who has written about being transgender on this site. Some people are born with ambiguous sex organs and won’t know what they are until counseling and growing have occured. We, as human beings are not determined by our sex organs, but by how we treat other human beings. I don’t see Shane as being a person doing very well in the department of love thy neighbor as thyself.

    1. @Lynne, I appreciate your sense of tolerance by calling those whom disagree with you stupid.

      Also, you want to talk about judgmental? You don’t know me at all, but yet you want to peg me as unloving… why? Because I disagree with you.

      I’m not talking about those who have defects and/or legitimate physical medical conditions. You talk as though all people who call themselves “transgendered” fall in that category. It is by and large a psychological problem – and it is a result of our sin nature. Let’s stop confounding a condition with a person.

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