There’s been a lot of talk about the unconstitutionality of the procedure the Democrats are contemplating in their death-march to pass Obamacare. Indeed, lawsuits are already being prepared to challenge it in court. My question is does the idea that the Dems would do this really surprise anyone?

A more fundamental question has been asked before in relation to health care legislation: Does the constitution allow for the federal government to mandate that individuals buy health insurance? To this question our beloved Speaker Pelosi responded “Are you serious? Are you serious?” Translation: We can do anything we want. The Commerce Clause says so.

To the Democrat party, the constitution is a ship without moorings, and can be sailed wherever they please when it suits them. It should come as no surprise that they are willing to use this convoluted procedure utilizing passage by treatment (“deemed” as having been passed) followed by a budget reconciliation to enact it.

  1. Iowa policy makers have proven to be stuck on stupid. They need a new strategery. Here’s a novel idea: Honesty is the best policy. Legalize Hemp so American farmers can compete. Why should Americans have to pay &16/lb for hemp seed imported from Canada & Europe because our crooked politicians are stuck on stupid and cater to special interests ???

    1. @Truther8, Just curious do you go around to every Iowa blog and post this comment on posts that have nothing to do with legalizing marijuana? I highly doubt legalizing pot is going to be a boon to Iowa agriculture. I’d rather see them stick to corn, soybeans, etc. Since there’s a huge push on ethanol and biodiesel that seems to be the best strategy.

      Also, the people who push to have marijuana legalized are the minority and represent a special interest group.

  2. Shane: Like the policy makers I mentioned, you confuse HEMP with marijuana. While it is true that marijuana should be decriminalized & taxed (recall the prohibition period on alcohol & the gangs that profited because policy makers had a stuck on stupid lapse of judgement?), I was talking about HEMP. Despite what your sources tell you, they are not the same. Hemp has hundreds of uses and doesn’t require poisoning our environment. Hemp makes a better quality of paper, thus would save trees. Hemp seed is the most perfect food on the planet because of its rich ratio of protein & 3-omega fatty acid content. (Why do we have to pay $16/lb for Canada or Europe grown hemp ? Hemp can make biodiesel fuel, foods, clothing, shelter…recall the ships that delivered our ancestors from evil tyrants ? They used canvas made from hemp. Recall reading American history, the wagons that crossed the plains ? Covered with hemp. How about the rope for US Naval ships ? Hemp. Now lets talk about the hypocrisy of our mj prohibition laws. Tobacco kills 1200 Americans each day yet the Fed. Pens are full of mj offenders (up to 1/3) ? Big Pharma kills thousands each year. NOT mj. Why do you confuse mj with hemp ?

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