I was wrong, and I am sorry.  I should have done some more homework before posting.

Andrew Breitbart posted a video that was heavily edited and portrayed her in a bad light.  The NAACP posted the whole video and it I believe tells a different story:

I’m obviously not the only one who misstepped though (not an excuse, just a statement of fact).  The NAACP got “snookered” and they had the video of the whole speech this entire time.  Perhaps the USDA and The White House should have responded a little more thoughtfully.  Now there is talk that Ms. Sherrod will be offered her job back.  Jonah Goldberg makes a great point:

Meanwhile, as a matter of politics, I think this episode demonstrates that this White House is a much more tightly wound outfit than it lets on in public. The rapid-response firing suggests a level of fear over Glenn Beck and Fox that speaks volumes.

Yes it does.

For my part again I apologize to my readers… this is certainly not something I would do intentionally, you deserve better.

Update: Todd Dorman questions whether Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack will survive this disaster, but thinks he probably will.

Of course he will has President Obama ever fired anyone for incompetence?

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