This officially starts at 10:00a EST/9:00a CST.  This event will pay tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth and honor.  It will feature the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin (who I hear was scheduled to speak at 10:40a EST/9:40a CST).

We’ve got the live stream embedded here.

Please check out David’s coverage of the Divine Destiny event last night here and here.  David will be liveblogging the Restoring Rally here (it will open into a new tab or window so it won’t disrupt your viewing).

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  1. When are Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly going to throw their hats into the ring and run for office?!! Come on guys, we need you! Our country needs you!!!

    1. This is a distraction! Lets audit & End the Private Federal Reserve! Lets repeal NAFTA! Lets investigate the events of 9/11! 9/11 was an inside job! Is Obama a Christian? Is he a Muslim? Who cares I want to know is he a Freemason! Globalism is the real enemy of America! They sing “God bless America” and the 50 plus million holocaust of Abortion continues. No God will not bless America! We have two unjust wars going on that were based on lies that killed over 1 million people. This rally is fraud pure fraud. No establishment! we will not fall into line this is as far as we go and no more. End Globalism,Abortion,Eugenics and the Empire and then sing God Bless America you CIA controlled fraud!

    2. Oh that would be AWESOME! We need to keep the Republican party down as long as we can. Even better if they’d run as a 3rd party…

    1. why didn’t he just call it a religious rally ? Could have said that from the beginning, but he likes the fame.

  2. Thank God we have people like Glenn who, while this country is still free, can get the TRUTH to the masses. The public isn’t getting the TRUTH from anywhere else obviously. God bless you, Glenn, and thank you for all you do.

      1. What do you mean? His message is simple, stop the racism and stop the politics. This is our country and the choices need to be ours-not a bunch of liberal activists who pretend they have our greater good at heart. This country was founded on freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

      2. I can agree with that those principles, but the spiritual emphasis was more nuanced than that.

        It was pluralistic, it was a call to something that wasn’t the Gospel.

    1. The truth about what? The truth about our founders, yes. But spiritual truth? No. This wasn’t about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was about, at best, an American Civil Religion.

      That might be inspirational, but it doesn’t transform lives.

      1. Thanks for that…American Civil Religion. As Calvin would say they are civilly moral. Right behavior for the sake of right behavior.

    1. The only funds coming in go to the Wounded Warrior project…they aren’t making money. Get your facts from someone other than CBS or NBC. Even ABC is waking up.

    2. Maybe you should look at history and the Constitution, then actually watch the Fox station then make a decision based on research where you actually did look at facts instead of based your opinion on media propaganda Jason. Or does someone pull your leash or do you actually find your own information. It sounds like you only base it on the assumptions of what others want you to believe. I think this is why we are having these rallies and what not. Because too many people do not think for them selves based on the facts. Thank God for Glenn Beck and MLK niece who stood togeather today at the Lincoln Memorial. Too bad for those who can’t see the “bigger picture”.

  3. …racism…prayer…wombs…god…walt disney…apollo 11…a world founded on faith…the “media”…nothing to do with politics, everything to do with god…veterans…civil war…george whitfield…moses…god is the answer…pick up your stick and stand…teach them how to fish (bankers?)…growing hatred in the country…fear…iceberg…titanic…9-1-1…apostles…jesus…resurrection…never repeat the same mistake…creator…he is king…america is crying out for the truth…charity begins at home…divine providence…we the people (large font)…not a coincidence…enlightenment…american revolution…tithe 10%…truth shall set you free…god’s bootcamp…eternal principles of god…black robe regiment…scottish bagpipes…trust divine providence…(sales pitch for donations)…temperature of the sun…protect our troops…welcome home…god bless glen beck…god bless sarah palin…in the name of jesus…god bless n’ good night.

    did this beck guy wanna be a preacher, a general, storyteller, or history teacher?

    grade: C+

      1. either that or he is just someone willing to stand up and fight , i couldnt do that, everyone says its all for show, what about the possibility of just being genuine, yes he makes lots of money , but so do all successful men and women, the more you put in , the more you get out, that is why i am poor, i am proud of him, nothing comes free and without effort.

  4. Well, I must say, this was absolutely incredible event. I really wished I could have been there today. God bless Glen Beck and everyone else who helped to put this all together! God bless you people who showed up there today, you stood in place of and represented those of us who could not be there today. And finally, Glory be to God for Your blessing upon us who make You the center of our lives! We honor You!

  5. This was such a beautiful event, I cried numerous times and I definitely thank God for Glenn Beck. Without him this country would be a terrible place.

  6. WHY isn’t FOX NEWS showing more about the rally?!
    For those of us who can’t afford to travel to the rally it would be nice to be able to watch it on tv!
    I’d think Fox would be alllll over this as it’s such a tribute that one of their own has this much interest in where the country is heading!

  7. Although I could not be there, I was humbled by watching this event on-line! I cannot believe the negative comments I have heard/read. Whether you are Spirtual or not…what was wrong with the message…it certainly was not telling you to do anything wrong…it was telling you to Love your neighbor and help them…no matter their religion or skin color. GOD bless the people of all race and beliefs and hopefully some will see the value of what Glenn did today along with the people that organized and participated!

  8. Glenn Beck talked about God alot doing the rally but he is a confessed Mormon. His Christians supporters like his Political views so they are accepting his counterfeit Christian Theology. He said Obama is not a Christian well Christianity also denounces Mormonism as a cult religion. It was started by Founder Joseph Smith in the 1800. Smith claimed an Angel gave him a different Gospel and wrote the book of Mormon. Don’t be fooled as to what Mormon doctrine is all about. You will never see a cross over their Church because they reject the Cross of Christ as the way to Salvation. Below is what they believe!

    God has a physical body and so does his wife.

    2) No Trinity. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate gods. People can become gods.

    3) Jesus was created by sexual union between God and Mary.

    4) Jesus was married.

    5) Jesus’ death does not atone for all sin.

    6) Baptism for the dead.

    7) Dark skinned people were not granted Mormon privileges until 1978.

    8) Jesus and Satan were spirit brothers.

    For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ.
    No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light
    .2nd Corinthian 11:13-14

    1. Glen Beck is a ‘nation’ worshiper. He is a false prophet and you are right on about the Mormons Faith and how it differs from Christianity. I have a real problem with Believers joining in prayer with a nonbeliever and antichrist. (antichrist by definition is anyone who rejects the Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God the FAther. Therefore Paul has taught us that as believers we are to be set apart from such false prophets. Leading us in a rally of honor; give me a break he stood before the masses of flag waving nation worshipers and told a huge lie about touching the original document of Washington’s inagural address. How gullible can all be to believe that lie when everyone knows that those documents in the National Archives are kept secure behind protective glass and no one touches them but specialist in document preservaton. he said ‘I held this in my own two hand”! Well the Officer of the Archive said this is absolutely not true. I wonder if all those folks w ould have been so blindly following his every word if they truly knew that everytime he said the name god he wasn’t referring to our Holy God but the Mormon God. He is a heretic and all those attending who claim to be Believers need to be a better job at discerning spirits. Also, would they have been there hanging on every word if it had been for say a Muslim Conservative leading everyone in prayer? No difference the Muslim religion is a cult and so is Mormonism. Amos 3:3 says that only when two agree can they walk. Paul teaches us that we are not to be unequally yoked with non believers regardless of what snake oil they are selling. When we do so we blurr the lines. I believe when any believer stands and claims to be worshiping or be led in prayer by someone they know serves a false god then they are compromising their faith and elevating another god therefore breaking the first of the 10 Commandments “YOU shall have NO other Gods before me”. Honor nation and flag, pray for nation with fellow believers but never worhip another God.

  9. Wow! I really hope no one listened or believed the incredibly inaccurate drivel DJ just posted as fact. I don’t have time to correct all the inaccuracies, however the truth can be found at
    I am not a mormon, but know many as close friends. They are without a doubt Christians, the actual name of the “Mormon” church is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint”. They believe the the saving power was in the suffering in the garden, and the resurrection rather than the death (that is why the cross is not as important to them). They refer to Christ as the “Risen Lord” because of their faith in His resurrection, and continued living. As for points 3, 4, and 7 they are either totally false or horribly misrepresented. Beck’s “rally” was to encourage tolerance and faith in God, a post bashing any religion is not decent or for that matter welcome.

    Posted by a devout Lutheran

    1. Dear Devout Lutheran, read your bible. Read about Joseph Smith. Those facts are not distortions.

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