imageI was curious about what lobbyists were registered against HJR 6, the Iowa Marriage Amendment that passed out of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday.  What I found was interesting.

  • One Iowa – they have two lobbyists, and their registering was not surprising in the least since their sole mission is to protect same-sex marriage in Iowa.
  • Child and Family Policy Center – they have three lobbyists registered against.  Their issues page shows – child health, family economic success, early childhood and school readiness, child safety, equity and diversity, school success and state fiscal policy.  One of these issues seems out of place, especially when their primary role has been advocating for children.
  • Family Planning Council of Iowa – their purpose is “to provide quality reproductive health care and family planning services to all people in Iowa who desire such services.”  Huh?  Protecting the traditional definition of marriage somehow diminishes their mission?  And yet, they have one lobbyist registered against.
  • Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO – they also have a lobbyist registered against HJR 6.  I wonder how the definition of marriage is a labor issue and how many of their members don’t expect their dues to pay for activity like this.
  • National Association of Social Workers – They have two lobbyists working against.  How this advances the social work field or impedes their members from doing their work I’ll never know, but it is further proof how this profession has been hijacked by the left.
  • AFSCME Iowa Council 61 – How again is this a labor issue?  Oh I know benefits… Nope, sorry if I were a union member I’d be ticked, and they have six three lobbyists registered against this bill.
  • Planned Parenthood of the Heartland – Interesting, I’m surprised they are advocating any type of monogamous relationship since they want to treat youth like they are a bunch of minks.  They have two lobbyists registered against.
  • Interfaith Alliance of Iowa – they should change their name to InterLiberalFaith Alliance of Iowa.

And then the final group that irks me is that the Iowa Attorney General’s Office has two lobbyists registered against.  Can I just say that taxpayer funded lobbying should be an anathema, but that is a topic for another post.  It’s bad enough Tom Miller didn’t defend DOMA, but now he is using taxpayer money to actively work against an Amendment.

Who is registered for it so far?  Two lobbyists – Chuck Hurley of The FAMiLY Leader and Tom Chapman of the Iowa Catholic Conference.  I wonder where the other social conservative groups that have lobbyists at the Statehouse are.  Looking at these lists which side do you think represents grassroots mainstream Iowans?

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