Floyd and Mary Beth Brown founded Citizens United in their kitchen back in 1988. You may have heard of that organization because it was the victorious party in the case that rolled back the dreadful McCain-Feingold campaign finance laws in the Supreme Court Decision, Citizens United v. The Federal Election Commission .  Floyd is now the chairman of the Western Center for Journalism, which was started by Joseph Farah. His wife, Mary Beth, authored the book, Hand of Providence: The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan”.

In a very recent article in Townhall Magazine (online), the Browns tell of their trip to Israel with Governor Mike Huckabee. They came away from the trip believing that he should be the next president of the United States.  They cited his compassion, warmth of character and demeanor, and described him as unflappable.  This is an important and early endorsement for the former Governor of Arkansas, should he decide to run.

Here is a short snippet of the article:

We have spent years of our lives observing politicians, seeing many attempt to treat those around them respect and equality, yet few reaching the ideal. Mike Huckabee achieved this feat with such natural grace it was truly a sight to behold. He chatted with equal energy and concern with the bus drivers and tour guides as he did with top government officials.  With Mike Huckabee, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden agendas and none of the arrogance that usually accompanies political success.


  1. First, it seems way early for an organization to endorse. Second they cite, “his compassion, warmth of character and demeanor, and described him as unflappable.” Yep he was a pastor. He’s a nice guy. While they are important qualities they don’t make one qualified to be President. I’m sure they have more reasons than that.

    Then making it because they watched him on a trip to Israel he led, again playing tour guide and being President are two different things.

    I hope they take a look at some other candidates before making an endorsement, while they have every right not to do that, but if they want their organizational endorsement to mean something it would be best if they did.

    My two cents. I do think they’re spot on in their assessment of Huckabee’s qualities though.

    1. I don’t think I said any organization endorsed him. The Browns, who no longer work for CU, as far as I can tell, endorsed him. By the way, I have met tons of pastors who are not nice guys, sad to say. I didn’t list every reason they want him to be president, neither did they, though TC below admirably listed some more.

      Are you saying he is not qualified to be president?

  2. The founders of Citizens United listed several good reasons for their “endorsement” of Huckabee:

    * His knowledge of details about Israel and the history of Palestine are remarkable.

    * With Mike Huckabee, what you see is what you get. There are no hidden agendas and none of the arrogance that usually accompanies political success.

    * As an advocate for a robust American policy in the Middle East with Israel as our anchor ally, Gov. Huckabee is an advocate who will protect this important friend of America. Yes, Israel needs America, but America needs Israel.

    But one of the things they mentioned that stood out was that Huckabee was already up, gathering information, and informing the people of the crisis in Egypt at 3 am. No need for a 3 am wake-up call for Huckabee, he will be up and ready to go, should a crisis arise.

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