I must admit, even as a supporter of his father, Ron Paul, when Rand’s name started to be thrown around a few weeks ago, as a potential 2012 GOP presidential nominee, I was pretty skeptical.  I found it hard to believe that a freshman senator with barely a few months under his belt would be seriously contemplating a run.  But considering our current president began running not long after his ascension to the senate, it may not be too far fetched an idea.

Two weeks ago he visited South Carolina, an early primary state.  He has plans to visit New Hampshire later this month.  Tonight, he was here in Iowa City.  When asked about the possibility he says that he has not ruled it out, and the only decision he has made is that he will not run against his father, Ron Paul.

Having defeated a republican establishment candidate in the Kentucky Primary, he may be just what people are looking for in the anti-establishment tea party era of the Republican party.  Of the many candidates who were referred to as tea party candidates, he was one of the few that were successful in their attempt at running for office, he is now a member of the “tea party caucus” on the hill.

Rob Gettemy one of the 2nd congressional district GOP primary candidates was in attendance and posted shortly there after on facebook the following:

“Enjoyed meeting Senator Rand Paul this evening and thanks to the Young Americans for Liberty for putting the event on. This man speaks with more common sense that virtually anyone I’ve heard from Washington.  If he jumped in (to the 2012 race), he’d be in my top 3 and quite possibly my top one.”

Although I remain skeptical, that certainly got my attention.

I agree that we are very likely to see at least one Paul in the race, but which will it be?

Ron Paul certainly has more name ID, more support from the liberty movement, has been making frequent trips to early primary/caucus states, has been courting more of the social conservative Republican base, and has some friends in high places (Iowa GOP central Committee), but it ain’t no secrete he is getting older.  He will have to hand down the movement to a predecessor at some point, and it is difficult to tell what the future holds, now may be that time.

Many of the assets at the Sr Paul’s disposal could certainly be “passed on” to the younger Paul.  Those in the liberty movement were certainly very skeptical of Rand initially, he came out as a Hawk when it came to foreign policy.  But since that time he has spoken out strongly against the intervention in Libya, sounding much like his father.  Foreign policy is one of the key driving forces behind Ron Paul’s success.

Rand Paul has also come out very strong when it comes to limiting the scope of government and returning to a somewhat more fiscally responsible budget.  While his Republican coworkers in the congress were struggling to come up with $50 billion to cut from a massive 1.4trillion dollar deficit, Rand came out with a bold $500Billion dollar cut proposal.

With neither yet announcing their intentions, we are left to speculate.  Is Ron laying the groundwork for Rand, or is Rand helping out his father?  Only time will tell, but either way I think they will make a great team.  Two heads Pauls are better than one.

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  1. The media elites could see Paul’s potential to challenge Obama in 2012 and that’s why they tried so hard to take him out. He is surging on a new tide of support that’s sweeping the country. Paul can unite the GOP in a way that no other candidate can do, and pull in more independents as well.

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