Although no official announcement has been made, and the official line remains that he is still deciding on whether to run for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination he appears his making sure everything is ready in the event he decides to run.

Today Jesse Benton, a Paul spokesman told the Daily Caller that Paul has filled out the paperwork for a presidential exploratory committee; they have all the forms prepared so that Paul can “flip the switch” as soon as he decides to run.

Ron Paul is also listed by South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Karen Floyd as one of at least five candidates expected to participate in the first debate being held in South Carolina.  Joining him on that list is Santorum, Pawlenty, Gingrich, and Roemer.

For those visiting Caffeinated Thoughts, take a moment to participate in our  2012 GOP Presidential Straw Poll.

And if you happen to be a Democrat, Independent, or Libertarian (or even Republican) and like either of the pro-peace candidates Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, consider checking out Republican4aDay, a website for individuals just like you, who plan on becoming Republicans for a day to support pro-peace candidates in your state’s primary or caucus.


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