Many conservatives are still clinging to the hope that there is a better candidate who will jump into the 2012 Republican Race for President. They are looking for Mr. Clean: a candidate that meets their approval on all the issues, and doesn’t have any problems.  Such a candidate doesn’t exist.    If you don’t see flaws in your candidate, the problem is with your eyesight.   A better strategy would be to admit that he  or she has many, but refuse to name them.   There is no reason to give your opponents campaign fodder.

Mitt Romney has moved even further away from the social issues than he did in 2007-08 and carries Romneycare around his neck. Michelle Bachmann might be too combative or inexperienced for the taste of others. Newt Ginrich is well, Newt Gingrich.  The candidacies of Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum have yet to catch fire.   Herman Cain appears to be going the wrong direction after some early good numbers, and is facing criticism on some bigotry questions (even if they are unfounded).  Ron Paul continues to do well, but he is seen as an Ayn Rand libertarian, who was an opponent of Ronald Reagan’s social agenda.   Some of his followers also give him a bad name, due to the unabashed adoration of their own candidate and reliance on name-calling.  Jon Huntsman and Thaddeus McCotter still have no name recognition, while Gary Johnson and Fred Karger should run as a libertarian and a Democrat, respectively.  Is judge Roy Moore still campaigning?   Have I left anybody out?  Oh, yeah. Donald Trump.

That leaves us with the non-candidates:  Sarah Palin continues to be a tease, and Rudy Giuliani appears anxious to repeat his 2008 debacle, if Palin gets in.   Some Southern governors who said “no” a long time ago were Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal.  A few folks (myself included) tried to draft Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina into the race, to no avail.

Supposedly the big fish out there still to jump in the water is Rick Perry, the latest in a long line of small-S savior candidates (Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Mitch Daniels, John Thune, and Haley Barbour were recent possible candidates accepting draft deferments).

Mike Huckabee had some words to say about his own non-candidacy, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry this week on his Thursday, July 21st, 2011 Huckabee Report broadcast:

A couple of months ago, I was under intense pressure to announce whether I planned to run for President. At the time, the pundits were saying that any serious candidate had to get into the race right away or it would be too late. Well they forget they are the only ones who want campaigns to drag on for for two years. I said then that it was possible the eventual GOP nominee might not even be in the race yet. Now, with summer more than halfway over, it’s still true.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who’s impressed so many people who are hungry for a tough budget-cutter, already said he wouldn’t run. But did raise hopes when he traveled to Iowa for a local fundraiser, and agreed to meet with some major party donors. But sorry, Christie fans: he reportedly told them he’s staying in New Jersey, at least for now.

Meanwhile, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, is still flirting with a run, and it’s the type of flirting even his wife approves of. The Dallas Morning News reports that a campaign button collector ordered a “Perry for Governor 2010” button from Perry’s office. What he got back was a button, all pressed and ready to go, that reads, “Perry – President – 2012.”  So if Perry’s not running, then that button will be a REAL collector’s item. Now for all his new found commitment to hyper-conservatism, he’ll get to explain why he supported pro-abortion, pro-same sex marriage, pro gun-control, Rudy Guiliani last time.

We have one Savior, his name is Jesus.




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  1. I have visited every candidates facebook site and every one of them have supporters that resort to name calling.  Even you do it, “Ayn Rand libertarian”.  So why did you feel the need to single out Ron Paul and his supporters?

    Instead, I would like to know what you think about his position on monetary policy, foreign policy, shrinking the size of government, taxes, abortion, etc.

      1. Heck, I was wondering why Ron Paul got such a kid-glove treatment by focusing on his followers!

        Then I remembered the Ronulan bots that invaded my blog every time I linked something that mentioned Ron Paul, and thus showed up on searches, and the question was answered.

      2. Maybe you missed my point.  He singled out Ron Paul supporters for name calling, while he himself indulges in it by calling Ron a  “Ayn Rand libertarian”.  I did not miss that he had something negative to say about each candidate.  He did single out RON PAUL supporters and did NOT single out the supporters of other candidates… why is it you missed that?

      3. Try reading it again:
        but he is seen as an Ayn Rand libertarian

        And Ron Paul’s supporters were singled out because of how some of you act!

      4. Try reading it again:
        but he is seen as an Ayn Rand libertarian

        And Ron Paul’s supporters were singled out because of how some of you act!

      5. Try reading it again:
        but he is seen as an Ayn Rand libertarian

        And Ron Paul’s supporters were singled out because of how some of you act!

      6. Foxfier,  I read it.  So if I say something like, Foxfier is seen as a blithering retarded idiot, does that mean I have not called you a name?  It is the exact same kind of treatment that Mike Wallace used on Michele Bachmann when he asked, “Are you a flake.”  It is the kind of statement that is intended to insult while hiding behind the language.  It is insulting and disrespectful.

        Further, every candidate has supporters who resort to name calling, so why single out the supporters of Ron Paul.  That was my point.

      7. *sigh* Should’ve known better than to try to respond to a Ronulan like they’re a reasonable adult.  No wonder Dr. Paul’s reasonable supporters are so reluctant to admit it.

        Have fun ranting and acting like things that are utterly unrelated are, like, totally the same.  You’ve done a great job of proving the point.

      8. Sigh, I knew it would do me no good to actually respond to you as if you were a reasonable adult.  (see how you again resort to veiled named calling)

        No wonder this website’s reasonable readers are so reluctant to reply to any comment.  (oh darn, there is another veiled insult)

        Have fun totally ignoring the facts and pretending that what you write makes any sense. (crap I seem to have done it again)

        You’ve done a great job of proving your point.  (Oh my, I guess that was meant to be sarcasm)

        So you see, Foxfier, you have no issues to debate, so you always resort to attempts that SEEM ridiculous to anyone with half a brain.  Notice that I didn’t actually say you are ridiculous or that you have half a brain, but well, even you probably get the idea…or maybe not after all, you don’t SEEM that intelligent.

      9. Constitcon uses an inflamatory example to make his–valid–point. Foxfier flies off the handle. Constitcon correctly to calls out those remarks as wrong–but in a manner roughly as wrong.


        And folks who know me wonder why I hate politics. Its not even the politicians. It’s the fanatics.

      10. Not a bad analysis, except for the part about it being “in a manner roughly as wrong.”  My intention was to be exactly as wrong in order to point out the fallaciousness of his technique by simply reflecting it back at him.

        Don’t hate politics… Hate the politicians..


      11. If you can’t tell the difference between a statement of simple public knowledge, and a deliberately insulting, passive-aggressive attack, I can’t help you.  If you think that recognizing that there is a difference is “flying off the handle,” I don’t especially want to help you.

        Fanatic, indeed.

  2. Perry is a joke as a conservative.  We can get into all the reasons why when he enters.  Meanwhile, I just wanted to mention that Ayn Rand was not a libertarian but an Objectivist, and she didn’t think much of libertarians (Ron Paul’s words).  She also didn’t believe there was a moral duty to charity, and Ron Paul disagrees with that, he merely doesn’t think the government is the right party to discharge this personal obligation.

    He’s as moral as the day is long, he just thinks government is a ferocious tool which should not be the first choice in getting a job done.

    Take care.

  3. He saw the light?  He has issues & problems he’ll have to address with certain elements within the party – just like every candidate.

    Just like Huckabee would have if he ran.  I do like his 10th Amendment stands though – especially on education when he told Obama to stick it, but he’s not perfect.  As you said – we have one Savior, and Perry, Huckabee, Paul, Palin, or choose your candidate of choice are not Him.

  4. I’m rather wondering where a stock-character politician like Perry suddenly got huge Conservative appeal.  He can run Texas like a conservative, with only a half-dozen things that should have conservatives pissed! 

  5. Huckabee’s choice of words sure was interesting.  Could he be hinting that he may reenter the race?  Maybe not, but it does make one wonder.  

      1. There are many, many reasons Governor Huckabee probably won’t get in.   I don’t think his daughter’s support of Pawlenty is one of them.  1).  Pawlenty may even drop out before Governor Huckabee would get in  and 2)  It is not unheard of that the would run, while is daughter is supporting another candidate.

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