0_61_abortion_pro_support1A Gallup Poll released yesterday showed that now only 41% of Americans consider themselves “pro-choice.”  I would suspect that if you applied the label that is truly accurate – “pro-abortion” there would be fewer yet… since only 38% find abortion morally acceptable, 51% say it is morally wrong.  I say that is the truly accurate label because if you were to look at Planned Parenthood’s own annual report, for instance, you’d see a huge disparity between abortion and adoption referrals.  They are in the abortion business period. 

But I digress.  Fewer Democrats consider themselves “pro-choice” – 58%, while 34% consider themselves pro-life.  There is still a disparity however with putting this personal view into political action.  51% still believes abortion should be legal in certain circumstances, and Gallup didn’t define what those circumstances may be.  Gallup says that they will be looking at abortion views by gender, age and other demographic variables in upcoming reports so that should be interesting to see.

So we see some good news, but there is still much work to do.

  1. I had heard that too Shane and it is quite good news. I suspect that the younger folks growing into adulthood have a clearer view of the issue than some of the entrenched older folks. I do hope that we can keep the issue clear of the view that some forms of contraception are seen as abortion. That view does nothing for the cause and only serves to muddy the waters and paint pro-life people as extremists. 

    1. The question Bob, is not whether it is good “for the cause”. It is whether it is true. Do some forms of contraception (which are really birth control) cause abortion?  Are you saying it does not matter?  It is extremist to believe that every unborn child deserves protection?

      1. My thinking is that more babies will be saved by people who work together than ones who refuse to work together because of ideological differences.

      2. Doubt that the numbers in Shane’s post has anything to do with abortifacient birth control.  But I may be missing your point David.

      3. Sorry to frustrate you David. I did mention that and I still do hope that we can keep the issue clear of the view that some forms of contraception are seen as abortion.

  2. You are still confusing, Bob. Are you saying it should not matter that some babies are killed by abortifacient birth control and we should just be quiet about it?

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