The House Majority PAC which is run by Democrats launched a web ad yesterday that targets Congressman Steve King (R-IA) and Congressman Tom Latham’s (R-IA) vote against embryonic stem cell research.  You can watch below…

Here is the attack ad against Congressman Steve King:

Here is the identical ad run against Congressman Tom Latham

This ad burns me up because it is manipulative and is full of false promise. Did you catch the words that embryonic stem cell research “could save lives.” Could. That is all they have. “Well it might work, we don’t know, but keep throwing money our way. In the mean time we’ll talk about its promise.”

The promise of it one day helping paralytics walk again.  Curing Alzheimer’s, curing juvenile diabetes, curing arthritis, and even curing cancer.

Bull.  How many cures have been produced from embryonic stem cell research?  None.  Nada.  Zip.  It has actually been shown to cause cancer, probably because of how quickly the cells grow in comparison to cells in an adult body.  Embryonic stem cell research has stalled out.  It has even been called obsolete.

Now how about adult stem cells and umbilical stem cells?  One disease?  Two, ten cures?  Try seventy diseases.  President Barack Obama in his executive order opening up further embryonic stem cell research took funding away from research that works and shifted it toward embryonic stem cell research.  Adult stem cell research is leaving embryonic stem cell research in the dust.

Which would you as a taxpayer rather fund?  Research that helps cure cancer or research that causes cancer?  Only 33% believe taxpayer money should be spent on embryonic stem cell research anyway.

Then there is the ethics involved.  Is Congressman Steve King and Congressman Tom Latham a doctor or a scientist?  No, they’re not.  I didn’t realize that only doctors and scientists could weigh in on subjects involving life and death.  Are those who advocate embryonic stem research God?  They must think so because they believe it is perfectly ok to harvest life only to destroy it in the hope that it may “cure” somebody.  It’s a fantasy.  One that needs to be given up.  Only selfish people consider such a thing.  I think that I have “earned” the right to talk about this subject.  Some of my readers may know that my son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in March.  He’s in remission now, thank God, but I can say my wife and I – even before we knew the official diagnosis (it could have been non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which is not curable) never given any thought to ESCR.  My wife has rheumatoid arthritis.  We still wouldn’t bank on embryonic stem cell research.  Who are we to think we have the right to snuff out life for a something that may cure us?  We don’t think we have that right and so we never considered it and never will.

So did Congressman King and Congressman Latham vote no on embryonic stem cell research.  They sure did, because it is wrong and because it just doesn’t work.  If you are concerned at all about finding cures, try donating to research that’ll actually provide cures not research that just provides empty promises.

    1. That article does nothing to make the case. It’s peddling the same hype that the commercials do. Not a single shred of evidence. I point to (it’ll actually require you to follow links Moby) cures that non-embryonic stems cells has produced. Restrictions were lifted during the Obama administration and still no progress.

      You’re chasing science fiction, not science.

      1. Cures don’t come without research. Restricting research because of your moral dilemma isn’t the way to help those who would most benefit from this research.

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