Mike Huckabee speaking at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)
Mike Huckabee speaking at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA<br>Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Prezography.com

Mike Huckabee speaking at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA. Photo credit: Dave Davidson (Prezography.com)
Mike Huckabee speaking at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA
Photo credit: Dave Davidson – Prezography.com

Buzzfeed reported on an interview that former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee had with Todd Starnes on Fox News Radio.

Starnes asked him if he felt betrayed by evangelical leaders and evangelical organizations as they seem to have gravitated toward U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) or U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL).

How Huckabee responded is absolutely shocking.

“Well, certainly a sense of disappointment, and yet I do understand because, as I’ve often said, ‘I don’t go to them, I come from them,’ but because of that I do understand them,” Huckabee said. “A lot of them, quite frankly, I think they’re scared to death that if a guy like me got elected, I would actually do what I said I would do, and that is, I would focus on the personhood of every individual. We would abolish abortion based on the Fifth and 14th Amendment. We would ignore the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision.”

He continued stating that a Huckabee presidency would hamper their fundraising.

“A lot of these organizations wouldn’t have the ability to do urgent fundraising because if we slay the dragon, what dragon do they continue to fight? And so, for many of them, it could be a real detriment to their organization’s abilities to gin up their supporters and raise the contributions, and I know that sounds cynical but, Todd, it’s just, it is what it is,” Huckabee said.

Not only that, but apparently if we truly prayed about our decision, instead of using “secular criteria” we would choose him.

“I think sometimes, while people say, ‘we’re praying about this, we’re asking God,’ that’s fine, but it seems like the criteria that I’ve been told for selecting candidates seems very secular,” Huckabee said. “It’s about well, this person is polling well, this person has the cash. And I’m thinking, you know if these guys were going up against goliath they would’ve insisted that it was the big guy, with the king’s armor—they never would’ve allowed that shepherd boy with the five smooth stones, and with Gideon’s army, they would’ve run for cover when God got gideon’s army down to 300.”

I’m really at a loss for words here.  I mean, really, I’m flabbergasted that a candidate would have the hubris to say these things.  I understand that he is frustrated, but to demean evangelical leaders and evangelical organizations like this because they are not supporting his candidacy is absolutely outrageous. There are a variety of reasons people have decided to not support him. I highly doubt a concern that their organization will no longer serve a purpose is one of them or an inability to do “urgent fundraising” another (who exactly is he talking about here anyway?). This is not the way to get people in your corner.

You can listen for yourself below.


Disclosure: This writer has endorsed U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) for President.

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  1. Mike has it correctly analyzed. Cruz is coming across as a phony. We need a man who has been poor, who was educated at a small Christian college, who has a mature world view. Not another smooth-tongued Ivy leaguer fronting for the donor (Washington-Wall Street evil/power axis) class

    1. Where a candidate is educated really isn’t that relevant, and your opinion of Cruz is just that – your opinion. He comes across as genuine to me and I’ve had the chance to meet him, interview him, and see him at numerous events. Huckabee, has been accused of being a charlatan – an accusation I don’t agree with by the way. What Huckabee said here was not good analysis. It was petty, bitter, prideful and frankly sinful. He needs to apologize and repent. If he had somebody in particular in mind he needs to name names, but he just painted every evangelical leader and organization who is not supporting him this time with a broad brush.

  2. I’m reading a book right now, “Twisted Cross” by Doris Bergen. It tells of the German Christian movement in Nazi Germany and how they let their German-ness and the Nazi party amend and pervert their faith. That compromises, as we know, gained them nothing, not even with the Nazis; they were simply neutralized as a force. Better to say ‘no’ and remain faithful, than to say ‘yes’ and lose it all.

  3. I understand Gov Huckabee’s comments. I agree we all slip into panic modes. I hear comments from people every day:”I like so and so but blank has the best chance to win”. Evangelical GOP voters voted in past several elections for candidates that “had the best chance of winning” rather than their “heart choice”. Many Christians including myself are living with some regret of those votes. I want to trust my mighty God and not polls or big backers and Governor Huckabee’s articulated that clearly. I do not think organizations should endorse candidates-I sure liked and approved of Franklin Graham’s statements on this last Tuesday in Des Moines- pick a candidate closest to God’s commandments and VOTE!

  4. Mr. Hart I do understand what your saying. I talk to Christians and organizations often. They don’t line their vote against the word of God. I want to see actions not talk. Holly Lobby ChicFiLA, clerk. He takes a political risk every time he stands up. His fruits match his words. Many Christian organizations are more political than standing strong on the Word. I hate to say I agree with him.

  5. I don’t think what Huckabee said was demeaning at all toward Evangelical leaders, but rather a challenge for them to stand up and practice what they preach. It shouldn’t be a surprise to any one that there are church leaders in this country that are more concerned with money than with morals. Many believers have to live with that experience in their home churches where they are constantly interceding for God to change the hearts of their leaders. As someone who is a leader in my church, I have MORE respect for Mr. Huckabee after reading his quotes and hearing the audio of what he said.

  6. Huckabee is absolutely right, they are afraid of his Presidency. Standing for God take incredible courage, and Huck does just that. Cruz has always been a headline grabber, a political windsock. Cruz has flipflopped so many times he could be a metronome. Where Huckabee has been steadfast and consistent. Remember: there is no money in cures, but fortunes to be made in treatments. My vote is Huckabee!

  7. Huck is spot on in his assessment – and what is most important, it has been 8 years in the making – and here’s why. The leaders of the religious right are making the same mistakes they made in 2008. And they are the same people! When are they going to get a clue?

    Below is an article written on April 5, 2008 by Warren Smith of the Chuck Colson Center. He writes, “In a quiet, brief, but passionate speech, Weyrich essentially confessed that he and the other leaders should have backed Huckabee, a candidate who shared their values more fully than any other candidate in a generation. He agreed with Farris that many conservative leaders had blown it. By chasing other candidates with greater visibility, they failed to see what many of their supporters in the trenches saw clearly: Huckabee was their guy.”

    The irony of all of this is that the SAME leaders made the SAME mistake 8 years later. What is the saying about those who don’t learn from history?

    So, contrary to your knee jerk reaction, Huck did not spontaneously come to this conclusion. He’s lived it for the past 8 years. He knows these leaders personally and knows their motives.

    You criticize him for saying they used “secular criteria” for choosing to back Ted Cruz, but that’s EXACTLY what they did. Their explanation for backing a first term Senator who has never run a large organization (we know how well that goes) is because he had more money. Ok – so we put on blinders that the money comes from Goldman Sachs and Club for Growth. I hope you aren’t so naive to think that Goldman ever writes a check without expecting something in return. And as Club for Growth – follow the money – they are in the bag for Wall Street and Monsanto. But these “leaders” just closed their eyes and pretended that wasn’t the case. And that their decision was based on how much gold was in their coffers. And you say that Huck was wrong for using the words “secular criteria”? Come on.

    Cruz has been a one man wrecking crew deepening the divide in this nation. Do you really think he is capable of uniting all the of the people he’s hacked off on both sides of aisle to get anything done? Oh, and he’s a fighter – well what has he won? Nothing! These Christian leaders have made a dreadful mistake and our country is going to suffer for it. History is about to repeat itself. Let’s pray that Huck win Iowa and sweeps the rest of the country.


  8. I stand firmly with Gov Huckabee. He is speaking truthfully from his heart. He is our best hope for POTUS!

  9. So why are you so shocked? Let’s face it, Mike is telling the truth. And it’s a harsh reality!

  10. A governor has far more than one issue to address. In Arkansas Huckabee as governor was able to make improvements in many areas, like fixing the roads and improving schools, balancing the budget, bringing the Clinton crooks to justice and jailing them. Just a reminder: In 2005 Mike and Janet participated in the Covenant Marriage celebration, upgrading their marriage to a covenant marriage. Example is also a powerful way to elevate the social and moral climate. So much of the damage to our nation has come because of a President Obama leading our nation in the wrong direction. But I find it astounding as well how little this present Congress, which is a Republican majority in both houses, has been able to do. That is why leadership and experience are more important than just expressing an opinion or even “taking a stand,” or raising money for a cause, especially if that stand does not really mean getting anything done. I am ready for a knight in shining armor, willing to slay the dragon of Roe v. Wade. Welcome, Mike Huckabee!

  11. Cruz may come across to many as genuine; however, I could never support a freshman senator who so completely neglects the post to which he was elected. The people of Texas needed his full-time involvement in the Senate, but he immediately tried to use his election to the Senate as a stepping stone to run for the presidency. His gift for “coming across as genuine” has detracted attention from proven servant leaders…Huckabee is the first that comes to mind…who have proven ability by completing well every term to which they were elected to any office…beginning in high school. That is shameful.

    Those conservative groups whose endorsements Cruz has claimed need to make it clear that they support a better candidate.

  12. So, how is Gov. Huckabee’s comments different from the others who are comparing their views with their competitors as well as critiquing them? We see Bush and Rubio, Christie and Paul, among others who are calling each other out and making these statements in their campaign speeches that they don’t have a lot of time to do in the debates. So, why should Huckabee be subject to certain rules that others aren’t expected to follow? By expecting different rules for Huckabee because he is a proven man of principle and integrity would be the same as expecting Tim Teabow to be less aggressive in a football game.

  13. I have mixed feelings about Huckabee’s comments. While I don’t find them shocking, I do think they were ill-advised. OTOH, there’s more than a little bit of truth to them.

    Huckabee has always had a problem with loose lips, it seems. For instance, in 2011, he was making jokes about all the women who were accusing Herman Cain of sexual harassment, comparing the situation to going to a chicken fast-food joint and asking for a thigh, a leg, etc. Now *that* I found shocking. And he eventually had to eat his words too when the final woman who came out to accuse Cain had a lot to back her story up with.

    As for Huckabee being prideful, yes, I think he’s full of himself in many ways. But all the candidates are IMO. I’ve never seen a candidate running for President that I’d consider humble. The Bible says to esteem others better than yourself, but I’ve never seen any candidates for President esteem the other candidates better than themselves. Instead, their attitude is basically, “My opponents are all dorks. But hey, look at me–I totally rock!!!!”

    Getting back to his comments, just because something may be true, that doesn’t mean you should say it in public. For instance, if someone said “Chris Christie is too fat to be President!” in private, would that raise many eyebrows? Probably not. But saying it in an interview would be pretty stupid. So, even though I think what Huckabee said was fairly accurate, I don’t think he should’ve said it in public. He’s old enough to know that just because you’re thinking something, that doesn’t mean you necessarily say it. However, if he hasn’t learned that yet, I doubt he ever will.

    Anyway, I agree that Huckabee has a lot of problems. Would I vote for him? I don’t know. But even with all his problems, he’s the only Republican candidate I might consider voting for. At least he seems to have the right priorities for the most part and isn’t nonchalant about Christian values. And there aren’t any lingering concerns about his eligibility either.

  14. Christian values are more important to me than silver or gold or polls. I believe many of our Christian leaders have been blinded by who they ‘think’ can win, because of money and they have ‘sold out.’
    Mike has the experience to lead and govern with a proven conservative record here in Arkansas. Mike is a dedicated Godly man that loves the Lord, his wife, family, friends, our State, our Nation, and even those who do not agree with him. He also has a deep love for Israel and will always stand with God’s people. He stood with Chic-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Duck Dynasty, Kim Davis, etc. Mike and Janet are pro-life and pro-family and faithful Christians. They both talk the talk and the walk the walk.
    I will stand with Mike. I want to be a good steward, even with my vote. At the end of my life I want to hear “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.

  15. Gov. Mike Huckabee is “Spot On”! Cruz is a “pretend candidate” and Mike Huckabee is the “Real Deal.” I have made it a point for decades to only vote for Experienced Governors in the Primary. Senators have the gift of Gab. Governors live in the Fly Over Zone with WE THE PEOPLE. Governors are 3D (Senators are only 2D). It would be dangerous to elect another inexperienced Senator for Prez! We have that now. How’s that working out for ya?

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