Huckabee at RNC Attempts to Build Bridge Between Evangelicals and Romney


I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone watching former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s speech at the Republican National Convention tonight.  Governor Huckabee addressed how he as a former rival could come speak on behalf of Mitt Romney. Four years ago, Mitt Romney and I were opponents.  We still are, but we’re not opposing […]

Can an Evangelical Christian Vote for Mitt Romney?

mitt romney

Now that the question of who the 2012 Republican presidential nominee will be seems to have been answered, another question is being hotly debated in Evangelical circles: Can an Evangelical Christian vote for Mitt Romney? It’s a question that’s been discussed all along, but for most Evangelicals, it was a question that they hoped they […]

The Fundamental Problem of the Evangelical World

Dr. David F. Wells, distinguished senior research professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary wrote about the fundamental problem among evangelicals in his 1995 book, God in the Wasteland: The Reality of Truth in a World of Fading Dreams.  I think he was spot on then and it is still spot on 15 years later. The fundamental […]

Church and State: Clear and Distinct Roles


My post yesterday reminded me of the tension that exists between conflicting worldviews and the institutions of Church and State.  Chuck Colson in his book God & Government reminds us about the clear and distinct roles that each play. In God’s provision the state is not to seize authority over ecclesiastical or spiritual matters, nor […]

Latte Links (4/11/10)


Some miscellany from this weekend and earlier. An atheist realizes media coverage of Evangelicals has been unfair. Michael Spencer – aka “Internet Monk” went home to be with the Lord last week after battling cancer for four months.  He was 53.  He will be missed.  You can read some tributes – here, here and here. […]

Latte Links (11/11)

Here’s some miscellany for this fine Wednesday evening. Gallup: Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote The Page: What’s In Sarah Palin’s Book by Mark Halperin (I love the picture he has, it’s hilarious). Big Government: Using Unions As Weapons: UPS v. FedEx by Nick Gillespie The Admonition: Math you can believe in by […]

Throwing Social Conservatism Under the Bus is a Losing Strategy

I attended the Conservative Breakfast Club at the Republican Party of Iowa headquarters this morning.  The speaker was Doug Gross, local attorney and former gubernatorial candidate.  He spoke to us some findings of a poll he commissioned for the Iowa First Foundation. He noted that the Republican party has a “branding” problem.  In the poll […]

Emergent Church & Politics

In the last eight years evangelicals have been blasted as being beholden to the Republican Party.  Some of that criticism has been fair, some has not.  I find it curious that for some younger evangelicals and those who align themselves with the emergent church in an effort to “find balance” that the pendulum has swung […]

Throwing Evangelicals Under The Bus

Reading Kathleen Parker’s rant in her Washington Post column yesterday is an example of what shouldn’t be the way forward for the Republican party.  Apparently the blame for the GOP’s loss on is to be laid at the feet of evangelicals.  She writes: As Republicans sort out the reasons for their defeat, they likely will […]