MARION, Iowa – Ashley Hinson, the Republican Nominee for Congress in Iowa’s First Congressional District, announced the endorsement of more than 75 farmers from across all 20 counties in the district.  Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig will chair Farmers for Ashley and lead this effort.  Members of Farmers for Ashley will serve in an advisory role to Hinson. They will provide regular policy counsel and recommendations that guide her decision making. 

“When I go to Washington, I will continue to be a friend of agriculture just like I have been in Des Moines. I will lean on these folks for advice and counsel during the campaign, but more importantly, when I am elected to Congress,” said Hinson. “Iowa’s farmers feed the world and fuel our economic engine. Congresswoman Finkenauer considers the Green New Deal to be a ‘creative solution’, when it would put Iowa’s farmers out of business.  We must enact policy that grows and protects Iowa’s agricultural industry,” Hinson said.

Naig explained why he supports Hinson in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District race.

“I’m proud to be on Ashley Hinson’s team,” he said. “We need a strong voice in Washington representing the diverse agriculture in Iowa’s first district. When I speak with farmers and rural businesses across the district it’s clear Hinson is the leader they believe will best represent them and Iowa’s rural economy.”

Doug Reimer, a farmer in Clayton County, shared why he supports Hinson.

“Ashley understands the importance of rural Iowa and cares deeply about our farmers. She is everywhere and most importantly, she listens.  I’m proud to have been a day one supporter and am going to continue doing everything I can to deliver her a big victory in Clayton County,” he said. 

Farmers for Ashley Coalition Members: 

Dave DunlavyWinneshiek
Ken RiesDelaware
Cindy GoldingLinn
Chris BouskaWinneshiek
Marvin RohlenaBenton
Ken HannaJones
Michael CarrollDelaware
Michelle ZumbachDelaware
Dean BierschenkBremer
Harlan MurleyBuchanan
Jim NeelWorth
Kelley GlanzDelaware
Kent GraverHoward
Don McKibbenMarshall
Robert RitscherBenton
Charlie Albrecht Bremer
Janelle SeemenBenton
Linda RindeckneckBenton
Tracy SeemenBenton
Gary BierschenkBenton
Ryan RiechersBuchanan
Tim KapucianBenton
Timothy SageBenton
Greg CarrollDelaware
Dennis YuskaTama
Nancy YuskaTama
Brant SmothersPoweshiek
Dawn DriscollIowa
Joe DriscollIowa
Andrea CarrollDelaware
Nathan CarrollDelaware
Dan ZumbachDelaware
Dominic HoganJones
Monica McHughJackson
Sandy GlanzDelaware
Lance LillibrudgeBenton
Gary KregelClayton
Jaci HamlettDelaware
Brittney CarrollDelaware
Karmen MehmenBremer
Matt BaergFayette
Jerry JohanningmeierAllamakee
Ben WiknerClayton
Curt ZingulaLinn
Diana StadtmuellerJones
David StadtmuellerJones
Lynn GrimstadBlack Hawk
Dale LesleinDubuque
Roger DanielBenton
Sheri GuillotBenton
Eric MeyerBremer
Brian LenschLinn
Stacey BorrenpohlJackson 
Doug ReimerClayton
John FinleyClayton
Tim BurrackFayette 
Vic MillerFayette 
Tim ReckerFayette 
Phillip MeyerClayton
Brain Meyer Clayton
Suzy ShirbournClayton
Joe ShirbournClayton
Chris SchroederClayton
John SlaterJones
Scott WedemeierIowa
Mark PutneyFayette
Cindy BallewDubuque
Jim L’HommeLinn
Terry TesarLinn
Stan HerrLinn
Kurt GroverHoward
Jim HoganJones
Todd BossDelaware
Jeannie DomeyerDelaware
Bonnie RohlenaBenton
Bob NobleMitchell
Sally HollisBlack Hawk
Scott NiessMitchell
Dennis PoppMitchell
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