DES MOINES, Iowa – Right Life Action released a list of elected officials running for re-election that they identified as “Champions” for the pro-life cause.

“We are honored to stand with President Trump, Vice President Pence and these Iowans, who believe strongly in the dignity and value of every human being,” Jenifer Bowen, CEO of Right Life Action, stated. “We have watched them in action on the Federal and State levels, relentlessly defending the unborn, and the most vulnerable among us.”

Right Life Action says they will announced their 2020 Life Defenders Endorsement List on October 13, 2020. That list consists of candidates running for office against incumbents or for open seats, many for the first time, who are committed to protecting human life.

“State and national abortion extremist organizations have targeted these offices and are pouring excessive amounts of money into their opponents’ campaigns. This is just one of many reasons it is imperative that you vote for life this November,” concluded Bowen.

Their “Champions of Life” endorsements include:

President/Vice President: Donald J. Trump and Michael Pence

U.S. Senator: Joni Ernst

U.S. Representative

  • District 1: Ashley Hinson
  • District 2: Mariannette Miller Meeks
  • District 3: David Young
  • District 4: Randy Feenstra

Iowa State Senate:

  • District 04: Dennis Guth
  • District 08: Dan Dawson
  • District 10: Jake Chapman
  • District 12: Mark Costello
  • District 14: Amy Sinclair
  • District 20: Brad Zaun
  • District 26: Waylon Brown
  • District 32: Craig Johnson
  • District 36: Jeff Edler
  • District 40: Ken Rozenboom
  • District 46: Mark Lofgren
  • District 48: Dan Zumbach

Iowa House of Representatives

  • District 01: John Wills
  • District 02: Megan Jones
  • District 04: Skyler Wheeler
  • District 05: Thomas Jeneary
  • District 06: Jacob Bossman
  • District 08: Terry Baxter
  • District 09: Ann Meyer
  • District 10: Mike Sexton
  • District 11: Gary Worthan
  • District 12: Brian Best
  • District 17: Matt Windschitl
  • District 18: Steven Holt
  • District 20: Ray Bubba Sorensen
  • District 21: Tom Moore
  • District 22: Jon Jacobsen
  • District 23: David Sieck
  • District 24: Cecil Dolecheck
  • District 25: Stan Gustafson
  • District 27: Joel Fry
  • District 28: Jon Thorup
  • District 30: Brian Lohse
  • District 37: John Landon
  • District 47: Phil Thompson
  • District 48: Robert Bacon
  • District 49: Dave Deyoe
  • District 50: Pat Grassley
  • District 55: Michael Bergan
  • District 56: Anne Osmundson
  • District 57: Shannon Lundgren
  • District 63: Sandy Salmon
  • District 72: Dean Fisher
  • District 73: Bobby Kaufmann
  • District 75: Thomas Gerhold
  • District 78: Jarad Klein
  • District 79: Dustin Hite
  • District 80: Holly Brink
  • District 82: Jeff Shipley
  • District 84: Joe Mitchell
  • District 88: David Kerr
  • District 92: Ross Paustian
  • District 94: Gary Mohr
  • District 97: Norlin Mommsen

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  1. Brooke Boden, Republican candidate for House District 26 is strongly pro-life and is asking Life Right Action. Her opponent, Scott Ourth, is extremely pro-abortion, even voting for keeping the sale of aborted baby body parts legal.

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