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In Chuck Colson’s book, God & Government: An Insider’s View On The Boundaries Between Faith & Politics, in the chapter “King Without a Country” he describes the political atmosphere of first-century Palestine, and how His Kingdom was received then.  It wasn’t received much differently compared to how it is received now.  

Colson writes:

“His message, then, assumes the ultimate authority man requires: God rules every aspect of what He has made.  Life, death, relationships, and earthly kingdoms are all in His hands.

“This totality of God’s authority is a major reason many non-Christians resent Christianity, seeing it as an excuse for religious zealots to try to cram absolute orders from their God down others’ throats.  But when Christ commanded His followers to ‘seek first the kingdom of God,’ He was exhorting them to seek to be ruled by God and gratefully acknowledge His power and authority over them.  That means that the Christian’s goal is not to strive to rule, but to be ruled.”

Christians, Evangelicals, in particular, face cultural resentment because of our involvement in politics and government. This doesn’t mean we disengage from the political sphere, politics and government is part of being salt and light. It does mean our involvement has to look different. 

Are we striving to be ruled by God, not rule? Do we seek to be a servant, not lord? How will our politics look different?

I think it’s important to remember what Jesus told His disciples as they argued with one another about how is the greatest. 

“If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all,” (Mark 10:35b, ESV). 

Those are the Kingdom rules.

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