Can you be an Evolutionist and a Christian?


Can you be a Christian and an evolutionist?  There are some professing Christians who believe one can believe in Jesus Christ and still hold to the theory of evolution.  Those who hold to such views are often called “Theistic Evolutionists.”  There are many reasons for them holding to such views.  Some have been persuaded that […]

My Cold Dead Fingers

Gun Rights - Second Amendment

Do the liberal politicians who favor gun control measures, especially confiscation, understand the problems they would create if they implemented such policies, or do they even care? I have known many men who are hard core NRA members. Many of them would rather die than give up their guns….still more of them would decide to […]

Correction Representative Carson: The West Was More Enlightened Than You Think

Muslims Terror Hearings

The past week Indiana Congressman Andre’ Carson, a Muslim Democrat, made the statement to the effect that American Schools needed to be like the Madrasah schools of the Islamic world with the idea that schools patterned after these Koran centered schools would further advance the West. Oh really? Having taken a number of history classes […]

The need for compromise when we won’t.


Compromise can be a great asset in discussions of pertinent ideas such as religion or politics.  The history of the US has shown our people having a great ability to compromise in order to maintain order and proceed forward in an orderly manner.  One can look at the politics of this nation and see where […]