D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in his book Authentic Christianity wrote in his typical, blunt, to the point way says that due to media (he refers to T.V., but I suspect if he were still alive he’d have much to say about the internet) we do not think.

This generation that boasts so much about its intellect does not think. If it did, it would not believe all the advertisements on television. That is just psychology, subliminal thinking, and does not bring about active, conscious thinking. People are given information by constant repetition and absorb it without knowing it. This is probably the most drugged, deluded, controlled generation the world has ever known. This is the age of propaganda and of advertisingā€”and of the negation of thinking. Obviously, not everything that is recommended is bad. No, but whether good or bad, people will buy something if they are told sufficiently frequently to do so. We had a second world war in the twentieth century largely because people would not think; they did not want to think. They said, ā€œTwo world wars in one century are impossibleā€”it cannot happen.ā€ They would not face the facts, and when one man warned them, they said, ā€œThis man is a warmonger.ā€ They dismissed him out of prejudiceā€”they would not think. He was trying to get them to think, but they would not. Here is the great message of the Gospelā€”you are called upon to think.

HT: Adrian Warnock

So true?  Too harsh?  What do you think have we, as a culture, collectively lost our ability to think?

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