I don’t want to call this Governor Palin’s farewell weekend as she hands the reigns over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell tomorrow in Fairbanks.  It’s not farewell because while she may be done as Alaska’s governor, she’s being liberated to further make a difference nationally.

Every year she’s been in office they host a series of “Governor’s picnics”  Last night’s was in her home town of Wasilla, today there is one in Anchorage, and tomorrow in Fairbanks.

Anchorage Daily News reported thousands on hand for her picnic last night in Wasilla:

Thousands showed up Friday for Gov. Sarah Palin’s annual picnic held in her hometown of Wasilla:

Palin, who is resigning and leaves office on Sunday, used the occasion, one of a series of picnics she is hosting this weekend, to sign autographs and hand out hot dogs.

The governor — dressed in blue jeans and a red New England Patriots sweatshirt — was mobbed by well-wishers who offered up babies, books, calendars, skateboards and even their hands for autographs. Several longtime picnic-goers said this year’s picnic crowd dwarfed last year’s.

Event coordinators planned for about 5,000 attendees. They roasted 4,008 hot dogs and had fixings for about 4,000 root-beer floats.

You can see KTUU coverage here.  This even received coverage in England.  A lot of pictures here.

There were several bloggers on hand for last night’s picnic.  Adrienne Ross from New York who’s out there visiting blogged about it here and here.  Adrienne is the media director for the New York chapter of 2012 Draft Sarah Committee.  Tracy Porreca, a Wasilla resident blogged about it here.  She’s a new member of Bloggers for Sarah Palin of which I’m a member.  If you blog and support Sarah Palin you should join.

Thanks to Josh Painter for pointing me to other Alaskan bloggers who were there.  Tammy Swofford blogged about it and has photos.  June who blogs at Sunhusky’s Alaska shared here.  Ben Wargo another Alaska resident blogged here.

She kept away from talking politics, but instead focused on the military in her speech last night.

HT: Conservatives 4 Palin

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  1. I really appreciate your dedication to Sarah Palin but I think “liberation” comes across as a spin word.. not that I begrudge you a bit of spin.. I spin a bit myself 🙂
    .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Gran Torino =-.

    1. Sure, I see your point.

      What I mean is – liberation from further ethics complaints. Liberated to travel to campaign for conservative candidate. Liberated to write and speak on issues she cares about (without having a legislature that complains about it).

      Not so bold to say she’s liberated to run for President in 2012 because as I’ve said before I don’t know if that is what she intends to do. Polling right now doesn’t seem to indicate her resignation has hurt her with Republicans. One WashPo poll Thursday or Friday has her overall favorability rating under 50%, but if you look at the make-up of the sample group it had only around 22% Republicans.. which isn’t an accurate reflection of the electorate. Most polls shows her favorability going up with moderates within the party and independents.

      But like I said, who knows.

      She certainly won’t be liberated from criticism because that will keep up if she stays involved in politics.

      If I were an Alaskan resident I’d probably be bummed, but Parnell looks pretty solid.

      1. I generally equate liberation with slaves being freed or something like that.. don’t think that leaving office is being liberated.. especially when you free yourself from a job is one of the best in Alaska.

        Does you new commenting system do email? I didn’t get your reply so I came back and checked. Maybe [Reply] has to be checked? Confusing.
        .-= Kansas Bob´s last blog ..Gran Torino =-.

      2. I completely see your point. I just didn’t want to call it the “farewell” weekend, or “last” weekend. I could have called it “Independence” weekend I suppose.

        Regarding email… that was one of the great things about Disqus – you did get email replies. Intense Debate does that as well – maybe I’ll have to switch to that. The box to be checked is for CommentLuv (which I missed when I had Disqus). The reply feature was a plug-in I found.

        I look and see if there are set-up feature for it that sends a notification email.

  2. Resignation suggests an ending, while liberation suggests a beginning. Liberation, I think, is accurate. This is a watershed weekend, and a new beginning for Governor Palin.

  3. I agree with your word liberation. When I look at those pictures and video and her speech at the picnics the word that comes to mind is celebration.

    This may be a dumb/bad comparison:, The Apostle Paul wrote to one of the churches that he needed to leave in order that maturity may grow in that particular church. Palin has set her beloved Alaska on a good course towards maturity should they choose it.

    God had other things in mind for the Apostle Paul more people to reach for the Gospel.

    God may have other things in mind for Sarah Palin and her family. But now is a time for her and us to celebrate the gifts that she has been given.

    Sarah Palin used those gifts when she was Governing. But now is a time for her to just to (re) celebrate and humbly thank God for the gifts that he has given to her.

    If she feels that God is calling her to a higher office, she will need that time away like the Apostle Paul did after his conversion.

    She will need this type of time away like Paul to do battle with Sauron…. ooops!!! Sorry, I meant Soros, Obama, Emmanuel all Alinski types, the MSM.

    1. Celebration is a good word…

      I agree with what you have said about Governor Palin and how stepping down will be good for her and for Alaska (hopefully the ethics complaints won’t plague the Parnell administration).

      I don’t want to compare her to the Apostle Paul, I get where you are coming from, but I’ve read too many blogs that elevate her, I was going to say “sainthood,” but all followers of Christ are saints. You know what I mean.

      I know that isn’t what you are doing with your comparison though.

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