After who knows exactly how much taxpayer money wasted, the IOC was not impressed with President Obama’s pitch to them to choose Chicago as a host city for the 2016 Olympics.  They were cut in the first round.

Unemployment numbers were higher than expected and our unemployment rate nationally is now 9.8% as 263,000 jobs were lost in September.  This doesn’t even consider how many people who have been laid off settled for part-time employment.  I’m sure glad that stimulus package is working.

And it doesn’t seem that talks with Iran went quite as well as President Obama indicated as news of disputes surfaced today.

Iran accepted a demand Thursday at the talks in a villa outside Geneva to allow U.N. inspectors into its covertly built enrichment plant, in a move that appeared to defuse tensions that had been building for weeks.

Western officials at the session said the Islamic republic had also agreed to allow Russia to take some of its enriched uranium and enrich it to higher levels for its research reactor in Tehran, a potentially significant move that would show greater flexibility by both sides.

U.S. President Barack Obama noted the deal in comments on the meeting. But Mehdi Saffare, Iran’s ambassador to Britain, and a member of the Iranian delegation at the talks told The Associated Press the issue had "not been discussed yet." Asked if Iran had accepted, he replied: "No, no!"

Methinks they were having some communication problems there in Geneva.  Obama’s probably looking forward to the weekend, and I have to say I’m loving this hope and change, aren’t you?

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  1. Perhaps an $8000 tax credit to every Olympian would have done the trick? Or a “Cash for Tourists” program? Seriously, let’s focus on the people of this country for once. You don’t have to go any farther than the neighbors house to find people that are in need.
    Thanks for the great post as always Shane.
    .-= Gabriel Glynn´s last blog ..GabrielGlynn: Oregon Duck LeGarrette Blount, football player turn boxer, may be back this season: =-.

  2. As a Brit I can claim to be non-partisan here. So here’s my question, of the issues you listed – the Chicago Olympic bid, the recession & Iran – how many can you really blame Barack Obama for? The issue must be how could he play that bad hand better? The economy was in crisis before he was elected, the bid was in process, he arrived fighting two wars and Iran having already made progress to nuclear state?

    Just doesn’t sound like fair criticism that’s all
    .-= Phil Whittall´s last blog ..Posts of the Week (02/10/09) =-.

    1. @Phil Whittall, I wasn’t blaming him for any of it. I am calling his trip to Copenhagen a waste of time and taxpayer money. It was ill-advised especially in light of stalling on a decision on Afghanistan, which as a British citizen, should concern you since you guys are invested there as well.

      He has done nothing to help the economic crisis. His stimulus package has done nothing to add jobs, it’s a farce. Our non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said doing nothing would have been better. What he has managed to do is run up our federal deficit and will likely raise taxes on us in the future.

      Regarding Iran, no Iran was already progressing. I’m not blaming him for Iran’s ambitions. What I would like to point out is that he spun yesterday’s talks as success when in fact they were not. Also, when the French calls him on his naivete concerning Iran then you have problems.

      Also, these just highlight an attitude that he has that he can turn things around by the force of his personality, which he can’t. No one can.

      1. I believe the Iranian discussions were presented as ‘a constructive beginning’ which required actual follow-up by the Iranians, and not as an outright success.

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