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The Caffeinated Conservative Award was launched last year with Sarah Palin being the 2008 winner of this oh so “prestigious” award.  We also gave a Starbucks gift card (it is the Caffeinated Conservative award) and award certificate for fun in order to inform the award recipient of this “honor” (we didn’t think she’d hear about it any other way).

This year I wanted get all of Caffeinated Thoughts contributors involved in nominating people they deem worthy, and this year we are letting our readers vote on who they feel should be this year’s winner.

Our 2009 nominees are (these are listed in no particular order, they are not rankings):

Glenn Beck

image Glenn Beck was chosen because he continues to ask the tough questions despite the flack and personal attacks that he has received.  He has been a lone voice pointing out radicals within the Obama Administration (example: Van Jones).  Between The 9/12 Project, the Refounders initiative, and his tireless efforts to bring entertainment and enlightenment to the political arena we felt he was worthy of nomination.  Mary Selby noted that “Common Sense revealed how conservative he truly is and his desire to see our country taken back to the principles it was founded upon is a giant leap in the right direction.”

Sarah Palin

44078641 When Sarah Palin stepped down as Governor of Alaska “she wasn’t retreating, she was reloading.”  That was seen in how she influenced the health care debate with one Facebook note.  Governor Palin also has championed energy independence, spoken out on the cap and tax bill, President Obama’s Afghanistan indecision and much more.  Though she didn’t coin the phrase “common sense conservatism” she has become its champion.  She also has done much in this year to draw attention to the Right to Life movement and families with special needs.  She has proved that she indeed doesn’t need a title to make a difference.  With the runaway sales of her new book, Going Rogue: An American Life she demonstrates she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.  Even as a private citizen Governor Palin still draws ire from the left and even within the GOP establishment, which in our minds is a badge of honor.

Ron Paul

image You never have to wonder where Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) stands.  He has been a consistent champion of small government and transparency within Washington (called for an audit of the Fed).    Emily Heikes notes, “I feel like many politicians are concerned with lobbyists and what they can say to get the most attention.  I think Ron Paul has decided what he thinks would be best for our country and sticks by it no matter the criticism he gets from all sides.”

Edwin Feulner

imageEdwin Feulner is the President of The Heritage Foundation.  Under his leadership, Heritage has grown from just a little known think tank into a influential communicator of conservative ideas.  Dr. Feulner and The Heritage Foundation has been in the forefront of the health care debate in providing information to average citizens and Members of Congress about the cost and potential impact of government-run health care.

Michele Bachmann

image Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) is a rising star within the Republican party.  She has been a leading voice of opposition in Congress with the Stimulus package, government-run health care, the cap and tax bill, bank bailouts and car company bailouts.  She is an avid supporter of the Tea Party movement, and also rallied an impromptu tea party on the Capitol steps prior to the House health care vote.  She has also drawn much ire from the left, and that makes her a ok in our book.

There are more whom I am sure are worthy of being on this list, but these are our nominees.  You can vote below who you think should be the Caffeinated Conservative of 2009.  This poll will be open until 12/21.

Update 12/21/09: Vote Closed – Results

  • Sarah Palin – 45%
  • Glenn Beck – 24%
  • Michele Bachman – 20%
  • Ron Paul – 11%
  • Edwin Fuelner – 0%
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