imageRon Paul says he didn’t write the newsletters, he hasn’t even read them!  Well, actually…

Ron Paul now says he accepts “some responsibility” for controversial newsletters, published in the 1980s and 1990s under Paul’s name, that spoke of coming race wars in the United States.

“These were sentences that were put in, I think it was a total of eight or 10 sentences and it was bad stuff — it, it wasn’t a reflection of my views at all,” said Paul in response to a caller’s question on WHO’s Jan Mickelson radio show in Iowa. “I think it was terrible. It was tragic and I had some responsibility because the [letter went out under my name].”

By the way that caller was our own David Shedlock who was able to get at least a couple of his questions answered.  Below is the video:


Now this demonstrates that he did have some involvement.  I’m curious what kind of person allows his name to be put on a newsletter and doesn’t edit or read them.  I understand being busy, believe me I do.  If something controversial is said on this blog I hear about it, read it, and deal with it if I need to.  This is on a daily basis all while working two jobs.  This is something he has put out on just a monthly basis since 1976.  Come on, how hard is it to keep tabs on one little newsletter that your name is attached to?

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