Marco-Rubio-CNBC-GOP-DebateI just finished watching the third primetime Republican debate online since I was teaching at church and couldn’t watch it live. In my opinion U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was the winner of the primetime CNBC GOP debate. ¬†Rubio was sharp, he parried attacks and gotcha questions with ease. ¬†He was relatable, and he was positive. ¬†It was a very, very good night for him. ¬†I suspect he will see a bump in the polls as a result.

Well done.

The biggest loser of tonight’s debate was CNBC. ¬†I thought the moderation of the first two primetime debates was bad, but CNBC set a new low. ¬†The moderators totally lost control of the debate. ¬†They were inconsistent in giving response time. ¬†They spent too much time talking. ¬†Their line of questioning was biased and they at times engaged in debating the candidates. ¬†Carl Quintanilla was actually booed not once, but twice by the audience.

The best response of the evening was made by U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticizing the line of questioning. The moderators didn’t even work with each other well as they interrupted on another. ¬†John Harwood’s tried to argue with Rubio over his tax plan. They also were in numerous places did not have their facts straight when questioning the candidates.

I could go on and on.  It was simply embarrassing.  They should never be allowed to host a GOP debate ever again.

Cruz deserves an honorable mention. ¬†This was his best debate so far. ¬†I’d consider him the runner-up. Carly Fiorina had a solid debate as well. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also had a good debate.

Ohio Governor John Kasich was allotted more time than his polling deserves. ¬†Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee didn’t receive enough time. ¬†Dr. Ben Carson’s response to CNBC’s attack of his tax plan was good, but was unremarkable after that.

Was U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) even present?  He was probably given the least amount of time.  He and Cruz discussed monetary policy so kudos to both of them for that.

Trump was Trump. ¬†He didn’t say anything outrageous so in that respect it was a win for him. ¬†I don’t think he gained supporters through this debate, but I don’t think he lost either.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush was just flat, and Rubio turned around Bush’s critique of Rubio’s missing votes. ¬†I would also say Bush is the winner of the most awkward statement award. ¬†Bush said,¬†“You find me a Democrat for cutting spending $10, and I’ll give them a warm kiss.”

That creeped me out a little.

Who do you think won the debate?

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