On this episode of The Caffeinated Thoughts Podcast, Mary Hasson, co-author of Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late, explains to Shane Vander Hart why she is advocating parents remove their children from public school.

Before that Shane discusses the anonymous opinion piece published in The New York Times they say is a senior official in the Trump Administration who is actively resisting President Trump. He also discusses The Washington Post‘s preview of Bob Woodward’s new book on President Trump entitled Fear: Trump in the White House

Then Shane highlights several moments of the circus that is the confirmation hearing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh who was nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court. 

Shane’s interview with Mary Hasson follows. Hasson co-wrote Get Out Now: Why You Should Pull Your Child from Public School Before It’s Too Late with Theresa Farman. Hasson is the Director of the Catholic Women’s Forum and the Kate O’Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC.

Listen to the podcast:

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  1. Hello. Thank you for posting this podcast. I respectfully disagree that we, as Christians, should be pulling our children from public schools. As a public educator, I fully respect parents right to home school, send their kids to private school, and enroll in public schools. Suggesting that Christians (or anyone else) should pull their kids from public schools “before it’s too late” implies there’s nothing to be gained from this “morally toxic” environment seems….well, like a fear tactic. Using this same line of logic, we might not permit our children to be a part of local Sunday School or vacation Bible school programs, because of the harsh words “those public school” kids might bring with them. What do we have to fear? (Romans 8:31) I encourage my fellow Christian educators to continue teaching and administrating, similar to the way I encourage my fellow Christians to run for political office. Running away isn’t the only answer as Mary might have us think.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I would have agreed with you several years ago, but I have since changed my mind. Though I do believe each parent has the responsibility to make that decision for their family. The issue is with school policies and what students are being taught. It’s not about “bad influences” or “peer pressure.” So I think some comment is rather dismissive of the problem going on with public schools. Also, neither of us advocated for Christian teachers to leave. No, I say the more Christian teachers in the public schools the better. I think it’s great when Christians work in schools. They can be salt and light. Our children are not yet equipped to do that. You do understand we are making this case for children, not adults right?

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